Catch me if you Can!!

Sachin Shroff who was recently in Kolkata was taken aback at the response he got from the localites there, for his portrayal in Zee's Naaginn...

Sachin Shroff is getting all the applause now, for his cheerful boy-next door portrayal in Zee’s weekend show, Naaginn. Recently, the actor who was in Kolkata to promote the show was mobbed by callers, desperate to catch up with the star on phone!

Recalling the incident, Sachin says, “I was engrossed in a chat interview I was giving to a local channel in Kolkata when I started getting innumerable calls, and all wanted to talk to me. As a result, I ended up getting complimentary calls and the interview came to a complete standstill”.

This was not the end of it, as people assembled at the studio too to meet the actor, but had to go back disappointed as Sachin had by then, left the studio!

Well, here is an actor who is certainly going places with his bubbly role in Naaginn!!

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Sachin Shroff

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he doesnt overacts opinion..

Haila he looks so cuteeee!
I love Him in naaagin.

15 years ago

In that white shirt..haiii!!! awww he is a charmer isnt he!


15 years ago

aw sad.. anyways

i dot6n know why .. ut i think he overacts in the shows..

15 years ago

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