Camera became my girlfriend from the very first shot Adhyayan Suman

It's again time to welcome another star son and this time it's with Kumar Mangat's Haal-E-Dil. The film is going to introduce Adhyayan Suman, the son to the versatile actor Shekhar Suman.

It’s again time to welcome another star son and this time it’s with Kumar Mangat’s Haal-E-Dil. The film is going to introduce Adhyayan Suman, the son to the versatile actor Shekhar Suman. The most exciting fact behind fiction is that the film is yet to get released and the budding boy has already bagged three more flicks. But the star is all concentrated about his first film only. Let’s share his opinions regarding his Haal-E-Dil…

Q. What’s the reason that in spite of your parents you thanked your elder brother during the music launch of Haal-E-Dil?
A. While I was at the backstage I noticed tears of happiness in my parent’s eyes. I know that I am in this world only because of my parents but at the same time I also know that whatever I have is only due to my big bro who is not with us today. So I realized it’s better to thank that person and I did exactly the same.

Q. Have you ever wished to become an actor or it’s just based on your father’s dream?
A. I have been watching my father acting on screen since my childhood and it’s only because of him that I developed the wish to become an actor. But I never realized that the time would come so early.

Q. How much have you learnt about acting from your father and how much is developed by you?
A. I still remember my father once told me that I may run behind my success a long but until and unless I have my target clear, I’ll have nothing. It’s really very important to have concentration, passion, determination and hard work to gain success in life. We only have hard work in our hands and success is completely dependent on god. So we can just work harder. That’s all my father has taught me. But I have been in the process of learning acting since I was just thirteen. I have completed two year’s diploma in acting and direction from London’s “The New York Film Academy”. I learned about direction thinking that an actor must have the knowledge about direction also.

Q. How did your parents react to your wish of becoming an actor?
A. They had the hint much in advance. All the children say that their parents are good but believe me I am telling you from the core of my heart that my parents are best in this world. The reasons behind the early start in my career are only my parents. They allowed me all the freedom to think about my future.

Q. Do you think of the film as a perfect launch for you?
A. Yes, of course. Apart from being a love story, the film is by Kumarji, which is another plus point for the flick. He has even launched his daughter Amita with this film. I knew that Kumarji will leave no stone unturned to make the film a better one. Besides, Anil Devgan ji is such a good director. I would have asked my father to make a fifty crore film for me but I wished to do everything wi
th the same hard work that my father has gone through for building his career up.

Q. How did you bag the film?
A. Parry, the hair stylist, asked me to change my hair style from curly to straight hairs. But I told him that I don’t have that much time. But again, he convinced me on the matter. When I was leaving the saloon Ajayji entered there and had a glance at me. After four hours I received a call from Kumarji asking me to meet him. When I met him, he asked me for an audition. After just five minutes he asked me to leave. I thought am I so bad that he asked me to leave! I was really depressed but after a few days I got another call for the film and the rest is in front of you.

Q. At the beginning of career your father was part of few such films that helped him in no way. What are you looking for while signing the film?
A. I think the age, my father started doing films, was not better for films at all. There were very few good movies in the market. Few good actors had the total control over the industry. But today’s scenario is completely different. Now films and its actors have much wide area to play on. Today every newcomer should have their respective areas. Whether it’s action, thriller or any other genre, anyone can act in any field he wishes.

Q. Please tell us about your character in this film.
A. The name of my character in this film is Rohit who is a spoilt son of a rich man. He is very mischievous and prefers to stay away from education. But his life completely changes while he meets a girl and falls for her. He engages his entire days in getting her in his life. At the same time he realizes that he has attained manhood and has his own responsibilities.

Q. Have you ever fallen in love in your real life?
A. Not yet. For the time being the purpose of life is to work and only work.

Q. How was your first shot? Please share the experience with us.
A. ‘Jeeta hun…’ was the song for which I gave my first shot. It was shot at the mountains of Laddakh. I was really nervous though an excitement was there in me. At my nineteen it’s really been exciting for me to face the camera for the first time. I just followed the instructions by Anilji. As soon as he ordered for action, I said that I have to go to the loo. I went out in my car for going to the loo and came back only after three long hours. When I came back and got ready for the shot, I came to know that Amita had gone out in her car. Like me, she also came back after three hours. We spoilt six hours in that way. Nervousness was increasing with elapsing time. But they really liked my first shot. I guess the camera became my girl friend from that very first shot.

Q. How was the name of your father advantageous to you?
A. I can meet any A grade director by mentioning his name only. But if I don’t have the talent in me then how and why should they invest in me. Even Kumarji has approached me just because of my talent and never for the name of my father.

Q. Please tell us about your future projects.
A. I have acted opposite to Kangana Ranawat in Mohit Suri’s Raaz – The Mystery Continues. In the film I am playing an atheist who lives together with Kangana. The rest should better be a secret. Besides, I have signed a solo film for Vishesh Films and this film will also be directed by Mohit Suri. My fourth film, that I already have signed, will be by Satish Kaushik.

Q. Raaz, the film by Dino and Bipasha, was quite a hit. Do you feel any pressure for that?
A. It was quite a different time when Raaz hit theaters. That film had a strong story but at the same time, the story of this film also is very strong. As far as technical aspects are concerned, this sequel is far better than the previous one. Star cast of this film is also much better.

Q. How was it working with an experienced and senior actress like Kangana?
A. It was a dream come true experience for me. She is very talented and excellent actress. I got really astonished seeing her acting so well with so much ease and comfort. Working with her has inspired me a lot. Personally, she is very good human being. We conversed a lot about fitness as because, like me, she is also very fitness conscious.

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