Bru Ice Cappuccino & Vh1 Handpick 'Outlandish'

‘Vh1 Handpicked’ presents ‘Outlandish’ LIVE in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune!

Bru Ice Cappuccino & Vh1 Handpick 'Outlandish'

'Vh1 Handpicked' presents 'Outlandish' LIVE in Mumbai, and Pune!

BRU Ice Cappuccino in association with Vh1, the International entertainment channel, presents 'Outlandish', the multi-award winning hip-hop group that has created a remarkable collection of tracks which are soulful and eclectic! Outlandish is here to get you off the ground to groove with them all night on the 8th of July in Mumbai, 10th of July in Delhi and on the 11th of July in Pune at Hard Rock Cafe.

Outlandish consists of the European hip-hop trio of longtime friends, Isam Bachiri, Waqas Ali Qadri and Lenny Martinez. Outlandish is among the few bands that channelize their talents to unify people all over the world. The content and lyrics of their songs are written to deliver a message of compassion and humanity rather than divisions in society. The songs also attempt to convey positive messages about life and self-fulfillment. With international hits like 'Aicha', 'Walou' and 'Look into My Eyes', the kings of hip hop are here to make you 'Rock all Day'.

"We are very glad that our previous releases have brought a lot of good things our way; making music is what we do and we constantly attempt to do it better. There is no doubt that Vh1 Handpicked is going to be our most exciting concert, since India is such a multi cultural country. It is deep felt and means a lot to us." Waqas declares. To which adds, "We are a group that has been united by our music. Everything we sing about is something that we are familiar with. Every performance for us is about a real life experience."

Speaking on the initiative , Associate General Manager, Vh1 says, "In establishing ourselves as the No.1 International entertainment channel in , Vh1 Handpicked has grown into one of our biggest on-ground properties. After outstanding performances by Simon Webbe & Wyclef Jean, once again we've managed to strike gold bringing award-winning Outlandish to . Our efforts both live and on television are directed towards entertaining the "it" generation. Vh1 has evidently managed to keep them glued." He adds humorously, "Everyone knows that before it's in, it's on Vh1!"

Commenting on the initiative, Vikram Grover, Category Head - Beverages, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, "BRU Ice Cappuccino as a brand is vibrant youthful and dynamic. It strives to constantly reinvent itself to create the perfect coffee experience. Through our association with Outlandish and , we hope to translate the brand essence into a refreshing experience to our consumers. Nothing beats the combination of coffee and music." He further added, "Moreover, through the 'BRU all access contest', BRU lovers now also get a chance to truly experience the magic of coffee and music together: with BRU goody bags, guitars and a chance to meet the artistes of Outlandish."

Outlandish's hip-hop, R&B and soul music takes influences from their various backgrounds like Moroccan, Arab, , , Punjab and . Although their songs are primarily in English, they usually feature lyrics in Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi, Danish and Arabic. All these influences make the music of Outlandish very unique and this is easy to notice from the variety of genres covered in their albums. Outlandish often include themes about Islam and contemporary issues faced by young Muslims in the west in their music, which is an evolution of a whole new urban genre.

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