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Broken But Beautiful 3: Sidharth and Sonia's Agastya and Rumi give you a crash course in love and heartbreak

Broken But Beautiful 3 features Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee in the lead roles and narrates the story of love, heartbreak, pain and so much beyond. Read the full review at Indiaforums.com.

Published: Saturday,May 29, 2021 08:13 AM GMT-06:00
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Starring Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee's Broke But Beautiful 3 is an absolutely heartwrenching yet heartwarming tale of Agastya and Rumi, respectively. The story narrates what goes through when two strong people, fall in love and how their journey, takes twists and turns, often, in completely different directions. While destiny does play an important part in what goes on in their lives, they are just as much responsible for what goes on. However, in the end, all that matters are the choices they make, and whether that keeps them together, or pulls them apart, is what this show is about.

Cast: Sidharth Shukla, Sonia Rathee, Ehan Bhat, Manvir Singh, Taniya Kalrra, Jahnavi Dhanrajgir, Saloni Khanna Patel

Director: Priyanka Ghose

Where to watch: ALT Balaji

Ratings: 4/5 stars

Agastya and Rumi come together under absolutely cliche circumstances, and while they don't come together right away, it is only with time that they discover love, together. It is only in episode 5, called Crazy, Stupid, Foolish Love when Agastya realizes he's in love and says here's to putting an end to summer flicks. However, on the other hand, Rumi seems to have finally had Ishan (Ehan) to her, the one man she has been chasing for since forever, and the only one, who she feels, will complete her. And that's pretty much where it starts.

While the show does have cliches, it is the approach to those cliches that manage to stay with you. While it won't be wrong to say that the characters and the story, is a little too intense, but given the intensity of both Agastya and Rumi, it only fits right into it. Agastya highlights how their's is a Shakespearean tragic comedy, and it is until the very end, that most of us wonder, just how, and why. But well, it makes sense, because life comes to a circle, doesn't it. 

Without giving away any spoilers, Agastya and Rumi's love is complicated, or rather one that almost fits together, only to fall out eventually. During this time, while Rumi is trying to find her happy ending with Ishaan, Sakshi (Jahnavi) saves Agastya and what may seem like love, it doesn't quite turn out to be that. Nonetheless, theirs is a beautiful story too, one that makes you root for the two! 

Having said all of those things, it is the end that remains with you, and how! The story is beautifully crafted and for someone like me, who is an absolute ball of mush, I did weep my eyes out on scenes now and then. Broken But Beautiful 3 looks visually appealing too, something that follows with most of the shows on ALT Balaji. Written and directed well, the production quality also seems to work well, as you like what you see and how you see it as well.

There's very little to compare this season with the other two, and while we are thankful to the makers for giving us our Veer and Sameera's glimpses as Harleen Sethi and Vikrant Massey, the stories each, have their own charm, and truly so.


Sidharth and sonia

When I first saw the trailer, I knew that no one would've been better suited for the role of Agastya than Sidharth Shukla. While the actor admits that he did seem to relate to the character, it is probably also why he got under its skin so well. Something that I also enjoyed a lot is his voiceovers, for thanks to the voice he has, he does make you feel things when you see what you see on the screen. Sonia is a refreshing surprise, to say the least. While we didn't get to see a lot of her acting skills in the trailer, the show unravels several layers to her character Rumi, and also her acting. Both their characters have cliches, but how they do it are some things that come together very well.

The supporting cast including Ehan Bhat as Ishan, Saloni Khanna as Maira, Taniya Kalra as Farah, Manvir Singh as Rishabh, and Jahnavi Dhanrajgir as Sakshi, also does a great job at what is expected out of them. A personal favourite, among all these characters, is Jahnavi's Sakshi, and why do I say that, is something you'd relate to, only when you see the show (unless you have seen it already). There's this sense of composure that she brings to the show that is filled with intensity. Taniya and Manvir as Agastya's friends are also two characters that you happen to love, for not only are they real and close to home, but also important in how the story progresses! 

All in all, everyone has done a fair job at what they are asked to do!

What's Good?

For starters, apart from Sidharth and Sonia, and everything else that I liked, the dialogues are absolute gems. Some of the dialogues that stayed with me, include when Sakshi says, ''Love is such a personal thing, it is yours, koi tumhe chodh de, usse tumhara pyar kam nahi ho jata, tumhara pyar kaafi hai,'' or when Rumi says ''Kuch kahaniyo ka happily ever after hota hi nahi hai, vo kahaani na hume sunayi jati hai na hume unhe sunne ki himmat hoti hai.'' The entire vibe of the show may be that of heartbreaks and pain, but it does leave you with a bittersweet feeling, and how. The performances are great, the cast seems to have been curated well, with some great direction, and of course, amazing songs. The music only adds to the whole feel of the show, thereby complimenting what the viewers are feeling. 

What's Bad?

Honestly, there's nothing that is bad about it, however, some might feel that the show is a little too intense. Coming from the first two seasons, as comparisons are likely, one would feel quite a contrast if that's the kind of vibe they expect. Having said that, the actors as well as the trailers, have spoken for themselves, and that's just something that comes to notice, but not in a bad way, in the literal sense.

The verdict

sidharth sonia

If you are a fan of the franchise, or of the actors, or there's even one thing you are looking forward to the show, you are most likely to love it. The show manages to make you feel things you didn't even know you could feel, at least not by looking at people acting on screen. For someone who can be quite an emotional mess, I did find myself teary-eyed in the end, in the middle, and every now and then!

If you are already done binge-watching Broken But Beautiful 3, find out what else you can watch, right here.

Sidharth Shukla Sonia Rathee ALT Balaji 

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