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Brahma and Uttara have an affair in Maryada..

Uttara finally opens up her feelings for Brahma in Star Plus' Maryada Lekin Kab Tak?

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Viewers have been seeing Brahmanand's (Vishwajeet Pradhan) advances towards Uttara (Kamya Punjabi) in Star Plus' Maryaada Lekin Kab Tak?, for a long time! But now, it will be Uttara's turn to reciprocate her love for Brahma..

We hear that in the coming episodes, Brahma will lie to Uttara about Devyani (Indrani Haldar) not caring for him. Uttara will feel sad for Brahma and will decide to take their relationship further. They start to have an affair wherein they spend private time together. They also meet out regularly, which comes to the notice of Priya (Ridhi Dogra). Priya will share this news with Devyani, and the two will decide to take control of the situation by finding a solution.

We tried contacting Kamya Punjabi, but she remained unavailable.

This track of Brahma and Uttara getting close will start in tonight's episode.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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rekhavy 9 years ago how can dirty uttara think that she is doing the right thing by ruining her own sister's life...she is really a very bad woman...its high time they show the anger in devayani against her sis n husband and throw those scumbags out of her life...
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-SexyAngel- 9 years ago Uttara was always jealous of her sister and i bet she was thinking awt her jijaji lyk dat all along but was pretendin not 2 so he comes up 2 her!! such a shameless nd characterless women!! she shud die in maryada nd hav such a painful death dat she begs for life!! it will b interestin 2 c priya, devyani nd vidya (dont know y but probably cause she is in da title page) to kill uttara all 2gether. This will b my dream for maryada nd as for da guy.. i hope he goes mental nd every1 leaves him!! I hate uttara lyk hell nd i have neva hated any1 lyk dat in my life!!! hope 2 c u die painfully uttaraji!!
Thank God she doesnt hav any oda sisters.. warna unke husband ke saath bhi chipak jathi!!2011-08-06 10:28:34
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sandiab 9 years ago god can i start vomitting now uttara always been a man eater thats why her husband never trusted her
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-SilverAngel- 9 years ago Chiii... I thought Uttara had some sense!!!... How could she do this to her sister who took her in when she KILLED her husband?
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premer 9 years ago kya bkwas show hah maryada plz isko bndh kro nd iske bdle pyar ki ye ek kahani ka repeat dikha do kch sahi to ayga
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nishu174 9 years ago uttara is a mother of 10 years old girl and she is behaving like a naive sweet's so disgusting to see her behaving like a dumbo
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rekhavy 9 years ago i dont think there can be any woman like devayani who knows there is something fishy going on between her husband and sis but still does nothing to stop it...just looks on and on and on...and uttara,how much worse can she get...2011-07-27 03:06:49
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tndhumma 9 years ago Brahma as the sexual predator and uttara as the victim is portrayed very professionally. As is well known, the victim is 'groomed' by the predator that ultimatley leads to the victim feeling guilty of crime and the public blaming the victim. Congratulations on the quality script
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premer 9 years ago we want kahin kisi roz bck plz ekta mam bcoz this is the rockng show we wl wait
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prernacda 9 years ago showing that maryada limits are being pushed and pushed and at what extent one, in this case devyani will say enough is enough...getting disgustinga and hate this avatar of uttara but devyani head is so deep in the sand...what will it take to wake up the kumbhkaran in her
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