Bollywood's protective brother, Mr. Vikram!

Mallika Sherawat's older brother, Vikram Lamba recently got protective of his younger sister ...

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Mallika Sherawat's older brother, Vikram Lamba recently got protective of his younger sister on the sets of Hissss. Story goes that Mallika was made to shoot a scene dressed in a skin toned bikini, causing brother Bikram to lose his temper and blast at the whole crew.

Jenifer lynch, director of the film, had planned to take full body shots of a naked body double. The shot was to be taken in a cold dark night with Mallika leaning on a branch .

Vikram, who also happens to be one of the Producer's of this film, stormed in and refused to allow the shot to go ahead. Co-Producer Govind Menon tried to convince Vikram to go with the shot but he remained stubborn with his decision .

Despite Mallika's assurance that she was comfortable with the dress, Vikram refused to remain calm and fought with the other Producer's. As a result the shooting was delayed for two hours until the costume was changed into a longer skin coloured bikini .

The source's confirm the news even though the Executive Director Rakesh Rathore denies the news.

At last we all got a chance to see some news on a brother and sister.

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