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Birwa's secret to be revealed in Bandini!!

DM and Santo's marriage is on the rocks in Imagine's Bandini, and this is when the secret behind Arjan's death will be revealed...

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Yet another 'atoot' rishta is on the verge of a break-up in Imagine and Balaji Telefilms' Bandini, as Dharamraj (Ronit Roy) wants a divorce from Santo (Aasiya Kazi) just because he cannot tolerate his son Arjan's killer in his house!!

Well, there is a twist to come here in tonight's episode, as it will be revealed to DM that it was Birwa (Hritu Dhudani) who killed Arjan.

According to our source, "There will be a one hour episode tonight, wherein the entire family is celebrating DM's birthday. On the day, DM confronts Santo and tells her that he seeks a divorce from her, and somewhere down the line expects Santo to speak the real truth!! But Santo who has been hiding the truth for 10 long years does not want to speak up, and opts to leave the house. This is where DM understands that there is some hidden past. In the meantime, Birwa opens up as she cannot see Santo going out, and blurts out the truth which leaves the entire family stunned".

It is to be seen whether DM will accept Santo as his wife, once the truth is out!!

When contacted, Aasiya Kazi told us, "Yes, it is true that the secret behind the death of Arjan will come out in tonight's episode. There is every likelihood that DM will accept Santo once he gets to know that she is innocent".

At the same time, the creative team is working on a track wherein they will show the doctor of Nandini having a past connection with DM.

Also if sources are to be believed, it will be revealed in the coming episodes that Santo had delivered a son thro' DM, when in jail. It is heard that a 10 year old kid will be making his entry soon!!

Lots of twists to look forward to, in Bandini!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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leena04 10 years ago SanRaj kid................. it's now better not to talk............... first just wait & watch..........
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ramsha_002 10 years ago sanraj kid...........wwoooohhhhhhhooooooo
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Demigoddess 10 years ago 2day dey show dey hav a child boy or girl n later dey would show d child is nt ders n it was just a trick.
Omg bt serials wht cn u expect more 4rm it yaar
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pyar-ishk 10 years ago I agree this thing with santo having a child doesn't make since unless they old serial trick, that her child died during birth.

BTW Aasiya turn 18 last November.
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eyesha 10 years ago hahahahaahahahahaha so sickeninggggggggggg
maan these creatives i say fools
santo-dm son kuch bhi story banatay hai
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Luv-Shonit 10 years ago Gr8 for secret coming out.
Not so sure about Sanraj kid???
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xx Natasha xx
xx Natasha xx 10 years ago yh i agree with u aadaa. lol well this is Ekta Kapoor's serial after all, what do you expect? lol x
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parii2 10 years ago wow..thank God aur nahi khicha ye track, the only thing that Rajan Shahi shud learn 4m Balaji is to keep a track short an dnot 2 long like YRKKH
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tunisian 10 years ago woooohooooo , me happy finally our sanraj are back and they have a Kid :))))
That doc better not have a past love story with DM , I really wish so becoz it will be disgusting :P
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jeenal20 10 years ago thanx for the future story line...
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