Bipasha's 'Hatoda' secret revealed..

Biapsha Basu reveals her safety secrets in Tere Mere Beach Mein on Sunday, Aug 30 at 9 pm, only on STAR Plus

The gorgeous Bipasha Basu, in her earlier days in Mumbai, used to keep a hatoda (hammer) in her purse to protect herself from all danger. She shares her story for the first time on Indian television with host Farah Khan of STAR Plus' new chat show Tere Mere Beach Mein.

On Farah quizzing her if she ever carried a weapon for defence, Bipasha says, "I used to carry a huge bag. In it was a pillow and a hammer. After late night rehearsals and fashion shows, I would tell the taxi driver to drop me at my paying guest accommodation at Bandra. I'm geographically challenged..I don't have a very good road sense so I'd get into the cab, take out my pillow and go to sleep. And thankfully, I never got a chance to use the hatoda."

To which Farah quips, "How sad. Achha agar hypothetically tumhe hathoda kissi pe maarna hota, to tum kahan pe maarti use?

Bipasha quickly retorts, "Upar aur neeche (and laughs)!"

To see your favorite stars Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty, lead normal lives just like you, tune into Tere Mere Beach Mein, Sunday, August 30, from 9 to 10 pm, only on STAR Plus...



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SheVi4life 11 years ago lol shes funny...i like her..she seems really nice in real life...carrying a hathoda...hmmmm not a bad idea..hehe..=D
-Preeti- 11 years ago thats already revealed i guess in some Magzine or NP ... which had an article on Bips carrying hathoda
queenidda 11 years ago haha! bips is too funny but now she has jhon to take care of her
simi rocks
simi rocks 11 years ago aww i cant wait i luvv bipasha soo muchh
anjucool 11 years ago thanks2009-08-29 08:10:43
Shaina_b 11 years ago I love Bips!!!!!

I liked her idea of keeping a hammer!!!!!Hehehehe!!!!!

payal_r 11 years ago hehe.... well she knows shes safe with that hammer....
innocentdevil. 11 years ago Love Bips.

And the show is awesome. Well the first epi was anyways. =)
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