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Bipasha and Karan holiday in Maldives

Bipasha Basu is having a good time holidaying with her rumored beau Karan Singh Grover in the Maldives.

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Though Bipasha's mom is not accepting Karan Singh Grover as her partner, Bips and Karan didn't seem to care about it.

From the reports and tweets of Bipasha Basu, it seems she is having a good time holidaying with her rumored beau Karan Singh Grover in the Maldives. The duo has stormed their Instagram accounts with sizzling holiday pictures!

The couple, who reportedly sparked romance while shooting their movie Alone, was also accompanied by their celebrity trainer friend Deanne Pandey. Hiding her fuming romance behind the occasion of Maldives independence, the dusky actress posted a picture with Karan and captioned it, "Happy 50th independence day Maldives! Thank you for the love and warmth :)"

On 27th July she posted another picture of her on instagram and captioned "Basking in the brilliance of Sun.

This is not the first time that the Alone stars are vacationing together and have been spotted together on various occasions.

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Bipasha Basu Karan Singh Grover

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Mikii 5 years ago Jennifer Winget fans are so double standard. These fans support their Homewrecker Jennifer so blindly, but bash others. I'm not saying they should support Bipasha or Karan. Even i don't support them at all. I also dislike these two But those are saying that we hate cheater and Homewrecker then why are you supporting your favorite actress, when she broke someone's marriage? If your Jennifer Winget broke a home then it's correct but if someone broke her home then it's disgusting.
some fans are saying "they are proud of Jennifer", "Jenny deserves better", "Jennifer is an angel" etc...
Wow your Homewrecker Jennifer is a an angel and bashing another.
At least take a one stand that u guys are really hates Homewrecker or just hate those Homewrecker, who broke Jenny's home? What a blind fan group. i thought that KSGian are the most blind fans but nope i was wrong, Jennifer's fans just beat them.
@ MrsSalmanKhan how disgusting that u are using Shraddha's name to prove your Jenny clean. When your Jennifer herself broke Shraddha's home (from extra help of Nicole). Jennifer and Nicole were not kids, when they had an affair with a married man. so STOP using Shraddha's name. Shraddha's didn't make her own home after breaking someone else home (unlike Jennifer). yes KSG is a cheater $ biggest jerk between this mess and Bipasha, Jennifer and Nicole are also cheapster. Only Shraddha was the decent woman in his life. But he is so stupid, who left such a lovely woman for homewreckers. 2015-08-22 04:34:20
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-ajna- 5 years ago Two movies on the trot so why is KSG not yet listed in the Bollywood celebrity index?
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MrDarcyfan 5 years ago @ MrsSalmanKhan:

While I agree on principle with what you are saying about respect for women etc...I think people are still free to like the man. We dont always like people for their perfection. I liked his acting, and that is all I care to comment on. I have come to realise that trashing someone is of no use! We should only bless people and hope they realize the error of their ways if they make a mistake and change it. Once upon a time, I used to be a commitment phobic too, and I am a women. But once I made a commitment, I stuck with it. Even still, I am no one to judge Karan, or anyone for that matter! So I will refrain from doing so!

I respect your opinion, but this is mine. I am not a crazy fan of KSG, nor his former co stars or ex wives! This is an unbiased view of someone who respects Karan as an actor.
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ChickenSoup 5 years ago Never seen such a characterless person in my life! This guy changes girls every now and then! Bipasha is exactly the same...left Dino Morea for John Abraham then left John Abraham for Harman Baweja and now left Harman Baweja for this womanizer!! I'm not surprised to see his fans turning into haters now! I hope Hate Story 3 fails miserably!! KSG YOU'RE A LOSER!! SAALA RANDIBAAZ!!2015-07-28 13:22:55
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-ajna- 5 years ago One good movie is all that is required to keep all baiters at bay as Karan can dazzle with his performance
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raneeb 5 years ago Karan Singh Grover-at one with the sea!
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sonam_ 5 years ago Lol, why am I not surprised! Who in their right mind would go back to liking a jerk like him :p

and want to be tagged as a ''Ksgian'' Like him, his fans too come up with crazy cover ups. Any shit to save their Lord's slimy ass!

His fans don't get time to comment on their favourite, but still find time to comment on people who hate the scumbag.2015-07-28 02:45:02
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raneeb 5 years ago Karan Singh Grover--the Choice is always yours..keep at it!
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Mpakeez 5 years ago Dear Haters Love U all ..
Seriously man I love You..
Look at You Guys apna saara Kaam Side kar ke Karan Singh Grover Ke Liye Itna Time..
& what I love More About You Guys..
You love To hate Him & dat z Why You Know Everything about Him..

Let Me Tell U 1 Thing..

continue You Guys ..
Isse pata to chalta hai..
Nafrat ke Baad B Karan Still has Charm dat You Guys Can't stop Urself..

Yaha KSGians Ko comment Ke Liye hardly time Milta hai..
Aur Haters Ke pass Itna Time..
Baap re baap...

& Plzz Don't stop Hating Him..
I know Karan Have Certain charam to change Ur Hate Into Love 1's again..
But Plzz I request Never stop Hating Him..

B'coz U Guys don't deserve To B called 1's Again KSGians..

It z better To Be hater Dn THALLI KA BHENGAN..
Jo Kabhi Yaha Kabhi waha..

OMG I Am Loving It..

Aur Plz Is Post mai Atleast 100's mai Comments Hone chahiye..
U guys Can dot It...

Tum Lougo Ko
Karan Wahi

in sab Ki Kasam.. (SORRY if I miss some 1)

All The Best
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sonam_ 5 years ago Those in denial need to stop assuming that others who hate/dislike him don't know the reason why ALL his freaking relationships have failed. What the guy is up to is right in front of everyone, if some choose to be ignorant about it and still ogle over a womanizer, good for you. High time his fans stop with the absurd theory of ''nobody knows'' so don't judge...

I know hardcore ksgians too who HATE the guy now, and please don't talk crap like they're fans of his co-star/ex flames. They were fans of karan even before any of them came into his life.2015-07-28 01:01:05
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