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In the midst of many Saas-Bahu sagas is a fun filled, youthful and adventurous show on Bindaas where the story revolves around two biker rival gangs, their friendship and betrayal. Produced by Siddhartha Basu’s Synergy Adlabs, Bindass Champ is the story of three friends Raj, Sameera and Dhruv where Raj and Dhruv being childhood friends have an unbreakable bond and even share common memories and a common passion – Bikes.

Trouble starts when Sameera comes into their lives and both of them fall for her. Where Dhruv chooses friendship over love and makes a sacrifice, Raj chooses personal gain and betrays Dhruv. Their love for her takes a toll on their friendship and eventually turns them into bitter enemies.

Dhruv, played by the very popular lover boy Ajay Singh Chowdhry is a rebel of sorts who is intense and contemplative. “This show is quite different from the usual Saas-Bahu sagas which is more about friendship and targets the youth population,” quips Ajay. When asked how far this story is close to your life, Ajay said, “I belong to a middle class family and this character also is from a similar background. I have lot of fun doing this character”. Just like the character Dhruv, Ajay also feels friendship is more important in life than love. “I have not sacrificed anything for my friend, but I have always given my support and helping hand whenever needed”, says the biking champ. Ajay is very happy to work with the production house and says, “We are being taken care of very well. It’s a learning experience for me and I am happy to be working with such a huge production house.” When quizzed if he has any dream production house in mind, he quipped, “Nothing as such. I just study the roles I am being offered and pick them up if I like to do it”. 

Arori is the new talent who has stepped into the television industry. She plays the role of Sameera, who belongs to a very rich family. About her role in Champ, Arori Says, “I play the role of Sameera whose parents are busy with their schedule. She hardly gets any attention and no one of her friends is also interested in her. To vent out her anger, she becomes a biker and joins Dhruv and Raj and shifts to Delhi. This is where the story line begins and there is so much of fun doing this show.” Were bikes your passion in real life or you went thro’ a training for this show? “I used to ride Scooty and other vehicles but not bikes. I specially had to learn how to ride a bike for this show and I am thoroughly enjoying it,” quips Arori.

After gaining popularity with MTV roadies, Anmol is all set to rock the television industry with this new show Champ. She plays the role of Priyanka who is the sister of Raj and loves Dhruv to the core. “Priyanka’s parents are over protective. She is in deep love with Dhruv and when she comes to know about Dhruv loving some other girl, she turns into an obsessive lover. She has nothing to do with bikes and is an extremely girlish character,” quips Anmol.

This show is not only about friendship but also rivalry. On one hand there is Tashan, the biker gang of Raj and Dhruv and the other is Macho which is the biker gang of Tami. Tami is played by Nicky who says, “I play a negative character who tries to break the friendship between Raj and Dhruv. This character is of my age and I don’t need to do any makeover like in other shows. This show is very different and I am very passionate about bikes.”

Champ is for the youth and by the youth. So, all the youth viewers do not forget to tune into Bindaas channel every Friday & Saturday at 9.30 pm.

Reporter and Author: Anuradha

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i want 2 know about the ringtone which is ringing in Dhruv's cellphone.
can any body reply me that from which movie or album song it is.

15 years ago

Ajay is a chweetheart!...The show's good,too!!

Thnx TB!!

15 years ago

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