Bigg Boss has had enough!

Bigg Boss puts his foot down and makes contestants face dire situations for their utter disregard for rules!

If you are an ardent viewer of Colors and Endemol's Bigg Boss, then the scheming, backbiting and conspiring behavior of some contestants is no news to you. But seems like Bigg Boss has had enough and he is taking stringent measures to curb this form of unhealthy competition.

According to our source, "Bigg Boss has given harsh punishment to Vindoo, Raju and Rohit who were found to be the main culprits. All the contestants were shown the video footage, evidence to how this trio went about conniving against almost all the inmates."

Apparently, some of the punishments are very creative. Our source says, "Vindu is locked in the jail and Rohit is locked in the cage hanging mid air while Raju has been asked to sit on a makeshift raft in the pool. Poonam has been assigned the task of policing the three and will be playing Sheriff for the duration of the punishment."

We just have to wait and watch if this revelation of contestants' secret dirty plans affects the next round of elimination!

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Raju Shrivastav

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Rohhit Verma

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Vindoo Dara Singh

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Comments (11)

Rohit is cage!!!Thats great!!!!!

14 years ago

BB makers r big losers, they want TRPs, if they want to give them punishment they should nominate them, they do all this, then what it helped?, they know well they r not nominated in anyway, it would not help anyway, they will keep doing the same.........

14 years ago

big boss took right measure by punishing the culprits even though it was for day , but good very happy to see these dumbheaded specimens face , but they are shameless .

14 years ago

its not fair, that big boss didn't nominate them, cuz this has been going on since three consecutive weeks. well punishment for them is not enough....

14 years ago

i simply hate vindu..
Da worst participant of big boss ever!
Yeah he have no respect 4 galz..
a short tempered nd rude man!
infact he iz not a man.. lol
becoz of vindu i dnt watch big boss now.. coz jab woh bolta hai to chup hi nai hota..
i simply hate him..

14 years ago

I love n repect dara singh ji but vindu is dubuing his graceful name
he is so short tempered,chhotisi chingari mili n he bursts out
he has no respect for women n he is very very rude n has 0 compitition spirit
i just hate hate him

14 years ago

rohit is the most cunning and vindoo is the worst.........

14 years ago

LMAO.. cant wait to watch tonite's episode..

14 years ago

ohh my this is really gonna be intersting
cant miss tonights epi then

14 years ago

he he.. sounds so funny.. better bindu should hav been hanged in case..

14 years ago

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