Bigg Boss 17 : Soniya Bansal's sister supports her, calls her a 'Lambi Race Ka Ghoda'

India Forums reached out to Sonia's sister, Ayra Bansal to know her side of story.

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Soniya Bansal

Bigg Boss 17 has made a grand entrance, with contestants bringing their A-game to deliver the right dose of entertainment. The initial days have already witnessed intense drama brewing inside the house, particularly featuring a noteworthy altercation between Abhishek Kumar and Soniya Bansal.

The commotion sparked when Vicky Jane decided to play a prank on the housemates. He informed them that they had just two minutes to switch rooms and beds if desired. This seemingly harmless prank quickly ignited a heated dispute between Abhishek and Sonia. However, the contestants soon learned that it was merely a prank, not an official Bigg Boss directive.

The Abhishek-Sonia confrontation became the focal point of the episode. In response to this, India Forums reached out to Sonia's sister, Ayra Bansal, who stated, "My sister Soniya Bansal is a very positive person and is always clear in her communication; if anyone rubs her the wrong way, she gives it back as she did in yesterday's episode when Abhishek started speaking anything that too repeatedly. She is surely a lambi race ka ghoda, and my all the best wishes to her."

Soniya Bansal, born on October 28, 1996, hails from the renowned Bansal family, deeply rooted in Uttar Pradesh (UP), India. As a professional actress, she made her Bollywood debut in "Game 100 Crore Ka," co-starring Rahul Roy and Shakti Kapoor. Her career also boasts collaborations with industry giants such as Zee, T-series, Venus, and other major music labels for music videos.

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I liked her first day. Let’s see how she performs.

4 months ago

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