Bigg Boss 17: Kamya Punjabi expresses disappointment with Khanzaadi's latest comment

In her tweet, Kamya Punjabi expresses disappointment and criticises current contestant Firoza Khan, also known as Khanzaadi.

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Kamya Punjabi and Khanzaadi

Kamya Punjabi, a former contestant on Bigg Boss, remains actively engaged with the reality show, closely monitoring and sharing her opinions on social media. With the current season being Bigg Boss 17, Kamya is dedicated to staying abreast of the developments within the house, consistently offering her insights and perspectives on the ongoing events. As a seasoned observer of the show, she takes to social media platforms to express her thoughts, contributing to the discussions surrounding the latest happenings and dynamics among the contestants. 

After witnessing yesterday's episode, the former contestant took to her X account and wrote, "How funny is that 🤣🤣 sanchalak deciding ki kaun task karne aayega? Ek ladki yeh bole rahi hai ki ladkiyaan nahi khelegi… hadd hai Boss #Disappointed #BB17 @ColorsTV"

In her tweet, Kamya expresses disappointment and criticises current contestant Firoza Khan, also known as Khanzaadi. Kamya points out her remark about girls not participating in the task and finds it amusing that sanchalak is the one deciding who gets to perform the task and who doesn't.

While giving you the gist, yesterday, a pivotal immunity task unfolded as each house was responsible for selecting their representative.  Bigg Boss then declared that the task would be a face-off between Arun and Neil, with the outcome determined by the number of soldiers marked in their respective territories. The supporters split, with Munawar and Samarth rallying behind Arun while the rest stood in favour of Neil. Aishwarya took charge of protecting the standees, while Samarth adhered to the task rules by attempting to dismantle them.

The intensity escalated when Aishwarya raised her voice at Samarth, expressing her discomfort with his actions during the task and requesting him to participate in the game with greater respect. The task's supervisor, Khanzaadi, intervened, instructing Aishwarya to step out and asserting her authority by deciding who could participate in the task.

This decision did not sit well with Ankita, Isha, and Rinku, who expressed their displeasure over Khanzaadi's selective exclusion. Khanzaadi defended her choice, stating, "Women will not be part of the task, as Aishwarya highlighted concerns about potential allegations. I don't want any housemate to face such accusations again." The tension within the house reached new heights as the contestants grappled with the repercussions of this unexpected turn of events.

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