Bigg Boss 17: After Ankita, Vicky Jain too denies nominating her

And now latest we hear is that Vicky also denied the offer and didnt nominated Ankita.

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Ankita Vikcy

Bigg Boss 17 continues to captivate its audience with intriguing twists and turns. In a recent development, the housemaster points out that the entire neighbourhood is stuck in a loop, and he's poised to break it. A complete shutdown of the houses—Dil, Dimaag, and Dum—is declared, and all housemates are directed to relocate and reside in the chowk alongside Abhishek Kumar. The announcement sends shockwaves through the house, leading to chaos.

After which Bigg Boss 17 thrown the contestants a curveball by reopening all the houses, much to their relief. Just when the housemates are gearing up for a change of address, the master of the house spices things up with a shocking twist. He summons Ankita to the therapy room, leaving all the housemates on the edge of their seats. What follows is a proposition that could redefine the dynamics of the game. ‘BIGG BOSS’ puts an offer on the table: the entire Dil makaan is up for grabs for Ankita and the members of Dum makaan, but the price is that she must nominate her husband, Vicky Jain, for the entire season. The plot thickens, as Vicky receives a similar offer – the coveted Dil makaan in exchange for nominating Ankita for the remainder of the season. And now latest we hear is that Vicky also denied the offer and didnt nominated Ankita. 

After which Bigg Boss 17 has another interesting proposition for those who haven’t stepped foot in the Dimaag makaan yet. This relocation drill is their chance to pitch themselves as the ultimate Dimaagwale to rule the roost from that abode. Vying for power and authority, these contestants put on their best persuasive hats, trying to convince Bigg Boss that they are the perfect fit to call the shots in the Dimaag makaan. Consequently, the master of the house reveals that there are two contestants whose individual journeys haven't made it to the spotlight. These housemates will be granted the incredible opportunity to take charge of the house while residing in the Dimaag makaan. Which two contestants are destined to wield this power?

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