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Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer’s father apologises to Tina Datta’s mother; requests fans to NOT vote for Sumbul

Sumbul Touqeer’s father Touqeer Khan opens up on his remarks on national TV for Tina Datta and apologizes to her mother.

Published: Wednesday,Nov 23, 2022 15:22 PM GMT-07:00
Updated: Wednesday,Nov 23, 2022 16:16 PM GMT-07:00
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Sumbul and her father

Bigg Boss 16 is keeping everyone glued to the TV screens. Recently, an incident happened in the show where on medical appeal, Sumbul Toqueer Khan’s father got a chance to speak to Sumbul. Where he broke the BB rules and gave Sumbul house information. He spoke demeaning things against Tina and Shalin. He even abused Datta on national television. This vile behavior and the fact that Sumbul’s father got a second opportunity to talk to her has upset the audience as well as Tina’s mother. 

Tina’s mother made a video and stated that it isn’t fair how her daughter was abused on national television. India Forums got in touch with Sumbul’s father Touqeer Khan and asked him about the controversy. Touqeer Khan said, “Well, to begin with, I’d like to apologize to Tina’s mother with folded hands. I was under the influence of medication and wasn’t quite conscious. Having said that, I would want to apologize to her mother but she should also take the responsibility of what her daughter (Tina) has been saying behind her back. Tina has said many hurtful things which made her co-stars and friends go against her and support Sumbul while my daughter has never indulged herself in name calling and mud-slinging”.

As per sources, Sumbul, Tina and Shalin’s family members can be called on the Weekend Ka Vaar for an open forum discussion. When asked about the same, Khan said, “I’m not aware of this development but even if I go there, I will apologize to Tina’s mother but will question her about Tina’s behavior as well”.

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I’d request all the fans to not vote for her as I want her to get eliminated from the show. Her emotional and mental state is more important than the show.

- Touqeer Khan

We asked if Khan regret sending his daughter to such a difficult show in such a young age, he added, “No, I don’t regret. The show will be an eye opener and a learning experience for Sumbul. I’m glad that Sumbul stood tall and strong and faced all the storms in the show”.

Surprisingly, Touqeer Khan requested fans to not vote for Sumbul. He said, “I’d request all the fans to not vote for her as I want her to get eliminated from the show. Her emotional and mental state is more important than the show”.

Have a look at the detailed interview below.

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Sumbul Touqeer Bigg Boss 16 

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Chir-Cute 2 days ago So now he is trying to gain sympathy with his fake apology and by asking Sumbul's fans not to vote for... Way to go. Playing the victim is the best you can do, it seems.
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rkrocks 2 days ago Are the contestants not enough to get trp that makers need to involve family as well
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Pk joshi
Pk joshi 2 days ago Shame,simbhul father is still doing drama
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Red_eyes94 2 days ago O pls stop this sorry drama 1st he says something like show Tina who u r and now sorry 😡
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