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Bigg Boss 15's Rajiv Adatia: There should be punishment for physical violence; Shamita, Jay & Kundrra my top 3

India Forums spoke to Rajiv Adatia before his entry into the house, where he spoke to us about his top 3, people who he won't get along, and more. Read the conversation here.

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Rajiv Adatia

Ever since Rajiv's entry, a lot has happened in the house, including Shamita Shetty-Vishal Kotian's game to Ieshaan Sehgaal's friendship with him suffering a blow, and more. India Forums spoke to Rajiv Adatia before his entry into the house, where he spoke to us about his top 3, people who he won't get along, and more. Read the conversation here. 

What prompted you to do the show at this point of time in the game?

I have always thought can't I, can I, should I, shouldn't I because it is a very difficult game, it is a very stressful game also, I chose this season because my Rakhi sister Shamita is there, and lots of friends who I know in the house too, but I always wanted to see could I do this show because it puts a pressure on your mind, on your physical ability, on your emotions, and I purely wanted to check could I do it or not.

Who would you say are people you wouldn't get along with and who are your top 3?

I think Vishal Kotian is toxic and he is somebody I will never get along with - sitting with everybody, telling 'idhar ki baatein udhar', lying every now and then, and these things I don't like at all, especially with Shamita. Shamita is my sister, so my protection for her is a lot and he told Tejasswi about his strategy to come close to move ahead in the show, he is very toxic. I think Afsana also, given everything happened between her and Shamita, people are frustrated and angry in the house, so I think that people say things in the house, but I am not sure if I'll get along with her. My top 3, on the other hand would be Shamita, of course, Jay as well, and Kundrra.

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There has been a lot of physical violence in the house, but barely any punishment. What do you have to say?

I don't understand why isn't someone sent out of the house. You have signed a contract, you are not allowed to touch anyone in the house, so why the hell will you do it. He is my friend, but he is my friend outside the house, there should be punishment of some kind. The way Karan slam dunked him, it wasn't done. If I was there in the house, I would've taken a stand.

Do you think there is partiality in the house, if yes, does it concern you?

100%. It doesn't concern me because people who are partial are very insecure, they are like if people won't be on my side, how will I go ahead. But they have come on the show on their own, they don't need anybody. I understand alliances are needed but if you are going ahead because of partiality, then it is wrong. I am good alone, I will move ahead because I am me. You cannot save your friends and you need to be fair in a task, and I know Shamita did it during the task with Vishal Kotian, but you can't be biased, everyone is working hard in a task.

Lastly, what is the kind of mindset you are entering the house with?

My mindset is very simple, love yourself, respect yourself and laugh ay yourself. Before someone else takes charge. If I am in the wrong, I will accept it and laugh on myself. I will fight, but I am a humorous and fun loving person, because I like laughter, and I take everything lightly but when I am angry, then I lose my shit. You cannot prepare for a house like that.

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