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Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik on Abhinav's proposal, mending relations with Jasmin and more

Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik got talking about her journey in the show and emerging as the winner. Read her exclusive interview here.

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rubina dilaik

Bigg Boss 14 found its winner in the form of Rubina Dilaik, who in fact, was the only contestant who stayed in the house from the very beginning. Much like every other contestant, she too, has had a roller-coaster ride inside the house, however, she feels she has emerged stronger.

She got talking about her journey, the highs and lows, and more during an interview with India-Forums. Read what she had to say right here.

Tell us how do you think your journey has been?

Incredible. Never did I expect that I will win, I did have a wish to reach the finale, and when I saw my journey yesterday, I realized that time that I have seen and born with so much in the house, and my life has changed for good.

Will we see marriage happening once again?

I am looking forward to it, he (Abhinav Shukla) has proposed to me, so now, he has to live up to it.

You mentioned that you want to let bygones be bygones, will we see you mend relationships with Jasmin and Rahul?

Whatever relationships I made inside the house, and the ones that managed to go strong, I will definitely take them forward and put extra effort into it. But the relationships that couldn't stay, I have given a clean slate for those. From my side, I did put a lot of effort as far as Jasmin is concerned, I feel she is still carrying the burden and baggage somewhere, and once she frees herself is when she will be able to shed that, and I think she will be more receptive. As for Rahul, I have given him a clean slate and if we happen to meet in the future and equations are better, of course, I would embrace that with open arms.

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What is that one moment you want to fix from your journey?

The time when I threw water on Rakhi because I think I could have pushed my patience a little and if that I could have changed, I sure would have.

What is the one moment you want to relive?

I think when my name was announced because I was just numb, all I could hear were voices, I went into a trance mode, because as I said, I did have the wish to win even though I wasn't sure about it, and when one's wish comes true, you are in a fixed position so I want to relive that moment because when your heart and mind are in coercion, you don't understand what is happening.

What are the things you will miss about the house?

One thing I will miss about the Bigg Boss house is my routine, including everything from dancing in the morning to cook to having fights and within all this time that I am out of the house, I am already missing everything. 

Lastly, a message to your fans.

This trophy belongs to the fans and I going to credit my win to my fans and as I always say, I am a fan of my fans.

We wish Rubina hearty congratulations on the win!

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