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Bigg Boss 13: Madhurma Tuli to get nominated for two weeks

Vishal and Madhurima will get into a nasty argument in which Madhurima will be seen hitting Vishal. Bigg Boss punishes Madhurima for her violent behaviour by nominating her for two consecutive weeks...


Bigg Boss 13 has witnessed several fights and dramas amongst the housemates. In tonight's episode we'll see a nasty argument between ex-couple and wildcard contestants, Vishal Aditya Singh and Madhurima Tuli. The duo will get into a war of words which will soon turn ugly. The arugment will soon turn ugly and Madhurima will be seen taking off her shoe and hitting Vishal. 

A furious Vishal demands justice and Bigg Boss calls the duo in the confession room. Vishal also states that strict action needs to be taken against this Violent behaviour. 

Now, Bigg Boss will nominate Mahurima for two consecutive weeks as a punishment for her violent behaviour in the BB 13 house. However, this is not the first time a contestant has been nominated for their violence in the house. Earlier, it was Sidharth Shukla who recieved such punishment from Bigg Boss and was nominated for two consecutive weeks. 

What do you think of the above incident? Who do you think will get evicted from the BB13 house this week? Let us know your views in the comments below...

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