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Big Twist: Shiva and Disha to win a couple competition leaving Raavi jealous in ‘Pandya Store’?

Raavi will face a set- back as Shiva wins a couple’s competition with Disha in Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’.

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Disha, Shiva and Raavi

Star Plus show ‘Pandya Store’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Dhara facing troubles in her pregnancy. Suman wants Shiva to get re-married. She wants Shiva to marry Disha and divorce Raavi. Disha has entered Shiva’s life. Dhara and Rishita want Shiva-Raavi to reconcile.

In the previous episode, Suman announced one of a kind Raamleela in Somnath organized by Pandya family. Dhara and Gautam will become Ram and Sita while Dev will become Laxman. Shiva will play the character of Bharat in Raamleela. Suman wants Disha to play Shiva’s wife in the play.

Disha and Shiva are slowly and steadily coming closer and Raavi is getting insecure because of the same. Shiva is enjoying Raavi’s jealousy.

Well, in the upcoming episode, there will be a couple competition held in Somnath and all the couples from Somnath will be a part of the same. The major twist in the tale will be that Disha and Shiva are speculated to win the competition.

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As per sources, chances are rife that Shiva-Disha’s compatibility and understanding would apparently make them the winners of the competition leaving Raavi fuming in insecurity.

Dhara has indirectly signaled Raavi to take matters in her hand and not let Shiva get married to Disha. However, it will be interesting to see what will Raavi do to revive her relationship with Shiva.

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Iamlikethisonly 1 months ago A pretty regressive way of ‘fixing’ a relationship- to make a woman (Raavi) who is already so selfless- get hurt and burn in jealousy so that SHE does something to fix her marriage.No matter that she was the one trying to work her marriage in the first place and the whole marriage fell apart because Shiva’s ego was hurt and he questioned his worthiness.
Shiva is ‘bhola’ ‘saaf dil’ and ‘imaandaar’. And what is Raavi? Nothing.
Also why should Shiva only like her for having Dhaaradi’s traits? How about for a change loving Raavi for being Raavi?
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bahi. 1 months ago The original version of the show is much better than hindi. PS in tamil is successful for its simplicity and realistic storyline. They never shown Kathir (Shiva) so cruel and mistreating his wife. Kathir and Mullai gradually started to understand each other during all the convo's they had. They never needed a triangle lovestory after marriage. Don't know why all shows needs to have a track like this to make a jodi understand the value of eachother. Thank God I didn't watch this version.
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rahifahmida 1 months ago Totally bakwas track.... why they show that Ravi has no self respect and shiva is lottery who everyone wants to win
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naaznin 1 months ago This show is so patriarchal to n nature. Shiva was a bad husband who always insulted his wife, never tried to adjust, and threw her out of house and looks happy getting married second time and kissed by his fioncee. And on top of that raavi is asked to amend her relationships n make effort. This show only shows that how bad ur husband is but a wide should always try to take efforts for working of relationship
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Bacillusbadius 1 months ago Hope Shiva & Raavi have heart to heart conversation. Their differences should be resolved. ShiVi should reunite soon!
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GrilledCheese 1 months ago Speculated to win? So they may or may not win?
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spdp 1 months ago More than Raavi, More than jealousy this track is bringing out HOW FICKLE of a drop of character Shiva is drawn out.

"Naa tere aane ki Khushi- naa tere Jaane ka ghum" "Abhi ke Abhi mere ghar se nikal" "Apne dosto ke saath chali jaa" "Send Rishta to maami for Raaviji"
What a Downfall of Shiva, who was resolved, true, strong & quiet pillar of support.
These are the kind of man who will seek pleasure outside on the name of biwi & confidence & what not- AND blame it all on Wife saying you pushed me into it!

Raavi has no one. Noone supports her. She is pushed, gaslighted, emotionally & mentally harassed to the extreme. I wish makers bring some supportive characters Like Hardik/ mama/ or even Janardhan to support Raavi. you need a balance when everything else is playing out on negative & wrong footing. You need characters like Baapuji, samar, Kinju, Devika of Anupama or Samrat, pulkit,DeviTai, Aai like GHKKPM.

What was the need to drag the BElOVED character, Shiva, down to this level? What a fall.
That too even before giving a proper positive track between currently widely loved & admired & followed couple of ITV- SHiVI.

1. A MARRIED man is officially encouraged by his mother- to seek alliances BEFORE divorce- something SO illegal, and no one from the family- none of the other brothers have the courage to speak up! none of the other 2 bahus are actively stopping this. What happened to righteous & smart Rishita?
2. A town- full of people where the smallest of things go under scrutiny- Noone has any trouble allowing a married man with another woman to participate in a public contest! And no one- No elders, no wise people, no other women, no legal officials have any problem?

Howevr you play it out ... one thing- As a viewer in general there was upbeat hope after past weeks upbeat positive progress overall. Raavi's return, Shiva's outlook change, Family bonding etc are what brought in numbers. would have gone further up if mojo was retained.
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Miss_SR 1 months ago I don't think this will happen. I reckon Raavi won't let it happen. But let's see how it plays out.
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No.1StarPlusFan 1 months ago I want Pandya Store to consistently fetch 2.5 + ratings. I’m happy that it has badly beaten CS crap show.
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Lydiam 1 months ago If you do this, then that's it. Pandya store is dead for me. And the rest of the people who has been tolerating absolute shit from the writers, just for the sake of ShiVi.
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