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Big revelation for Pallavi and Raghav in ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’

Pallavi and Raghav are in for major revelations in Star Plus’ ‘Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali’.

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Raghav and Pallavi

Courtesy : Disney+ Hotstar

Star Plus show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali is entertaining the viewers. The audience is in awe of the beautiful couple Raghav Rao and Pallavi Deshmukh played by Sai Ketan Rao and Shivangi Khedkar, respectively. The show is produced by SOL Productions and Sandiip Films. 

The current track of the show revolves around Ved aka Lion making his entry in Raghav and Pallavi’s lives. Ved is aware of the truth that Mandar lost his life because of Raghav. He wants to use this truth to spoil Raghav and Pallavi’s budding romance. 

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In the upcoming episode, Ved asks Raghav to play a mysterious game and through that game, Raghav learns that the person who died on 1st December 2018 was Pallavi’s husband Mandar. Raghav gets shocked and prays that this does not turn out to be the truth. Raghav gets extremely disturbed and doesn’t talk to anyone at home. He searches for Mandar’s picture in Pallavi’s belongings but couldn’t find the picture.

Pallavi and Amma get confused seeing Raghav so stressed. They knock on the door of the room but Raghav doesn’t open the door. Later, Pallavi asks Farhad to reveal the truth and after a lot of persuasions, Farhad reveals that Ved is back. This leaves Pallavi shocked. She asks Farhad to increase Raghav’s security.

Furthermore, Raghav will take Milind’s help to get Mandar’s photo. Raghav will be taken aback seeing Mandar’s picture. Ved calls Raghav and tells him that he has 24 hours to expose the truth in front of Pallavi.

Shivangi Khedkar Sai Ketan Rao Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali  Star Plus 

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parboni 2 months ago Still more of the suspense is to be revealed. Hope RaghVi come out strong over all this.
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meghna1610 2 months ago it was such an intense episode and Ketan was just brilliant...
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chat_3 2 months ago Exciting new track for Raghavi
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Forlife 2 months ago Its getting intense. This track is becoming more interesting.
Sai Ketan Rao and Shivangi Khedkar are slaying in each episode.👏👏
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RosyRosh 2 months ago Mehndi hai rachne waali
Sai ketan rao
Shivangi khedkhar
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baas-tv 2 months ago Love Raghav and Pallavi Waiting for mandar’s track
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Kavita99 2 months ago Eagerly waiting for mandar's track. Would love to see how our raghvi gonna handle it. Expecting more nd more from sai ketan rao and shivangi khedkar in upcoming tracks. Saishi is setting the screen on fire as raghvi. Our ardhamainda couple is 💖
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Wilddreams 2 months ago Raghav and Pallavi's trust is very strong on each other. It's testing time for Raghvi's trust on each other. They will come out victorious from this ❤ Raghav and Pallavi are😍 love watching them in MHRW. Sai ketan Rao and Shivangi khedkar are killing it as Raghvi😍
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Viewpoint 2 months ago Loving this track. A distraught Raghav and a trusting and caring Pallavi is a treat for us to watch, especially since Sai is tremendous in emotional scenes and Shivangi, as always, displays a lot of maturity in her acting. Can't believe both are new to this industry (Hindi TV).
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RAGHVIFAM 2 months ago Waiting for the mandar track to unfold and how will RaghVi relationships will take shape
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