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Big drama in COLORS' Bhagyavidhaata...

There will be an unexpected twist in COLORS' Bhagyavidhaata, which is focusing on the twin marriages of Poonam and Rekha...

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COLORS' Sabki Jodi Wahi Banaata..Bhagyavidhaata, produced by Shreya Creations is presently focusing on the twin marriages that are to happen in the Sinha family. While Vimlesh (Yash Sinha) is getting married to Bindiya's sister Poonam (Pooja Yadav), Tilori Bua's daughter Rekha's wedding is also fixed.

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However, there is a major twist to be expected in the show during the wedding. For the uninitiated, the groom Ajit who has been brought in to marry Rekha has been abducted by Raja (Prakash Jais) under the guidance of Poonpoon wali bahu (Smita Singh) and Siddheshwar Sinha (Bharat Kapoor).

According to our source, "There is major drama to happen just before the wedding of Rekha and Poonam. Rekha's abducted groom and his family will run away at the last minute, which will come as a shock to Siddheshwar Sinha and Raja. This will give rise to a major twist where Akhilesh Sinha (Susheel Singh), the elder son of the Sinha family will then force Raja, Bindiya's brother to marry Rekha. He pressurizes him citing that the future of both his sisters, Bindiya and Poonam is in trouble".

"The viewers will be kept in dark, and it will be shown as though Poonam and Rekha's marriage happens smoothly. Only after the marriage will all get to know that the groom who has eventually married Rekha is Raja, and not Ajit", informs our source.

This revelation will bring in more turbulence, and viewers will be seeing big drama in the show. The ratings of Bhagyavidhaata has been on the rise for quite some time now, and the drama that lies ahead will surely do good for the ratings.

Watch out for some interesting twists in COLORS' Bhagyavidhaata..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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ChulbuliRao 11 years ago i wud love the twist if i cud see more of vinay and bindiya....
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apux 12 years ago This was definitely an expected twist...but it's a welcomed twist, at least for Rekha and Raja. Those two will be good together...this is definitely a bad thing for Bindiya and Poonam.
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leavesandwaves 12 years ago Bhagyavidhaata, for the last 2 weeks is on a high point with all the lovely songs and suspense. Rekha will be more happy with Raja and Raja gets a beautiful and goodhearted bride. How others are going to react is to be seen tomorrow.
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MrsBellamyBlake 12 years ago Well, the twist is not at all unexpected for me ... I was hoping that Raja & Rekha got together many days before .. So I love this twist ... Thanks for the article .. :)2009-09-29 07:45:54
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roshaaan 12 years ago Omg i knw it first ..... my mom was also saying me this
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KinshukLuvsDina 12 years ago yea nycee twist..
but i wana c m0re 0f bindya n vinay:D
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Mona_Maurya 12 years ago I knew about it but wasn't sure it will happen like this...anyways...even me too wanted the same...Rekha will be happy at Prasad house with Raja but what about Prasad sisters...Don't know how Vinay will act if comes to know about his sister's life tragedy.
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princesspallavi 12 years ago I knew it..esa hi hoga...
nyc twist...ab ayega mazaa...
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ammygurl 12 years ago wowwwwwwwwwwwww
kya twist hai mannn...:)
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