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Big B, SRK & HR @ KJo's Fashion Show

A walking example of grace and poise! Who's this wonder...


A walking example of grace and poise! Who's this wonder... Well, such a person would be none other then Amitabh Bachchan; one of the celebs who walked the fashion ramp for Karan Johar and Varun Behl, helping to showcase their new collection on the second day of 'India Couture Week 2010'.

If Amitabh walking the ramp wasn't news enough, it so happens that Hrithik Roshan was right there alongside him on the runway! Walking the ramp like professionals, both the stars managed to give yet another spin to the color black and gave an elegant poise to the unique style they were carrying off.
Sitting in the front row was SRK enjoying the show. But what happens when Big B and Hrithik are on stage? Well, they both decide to gang up on King Khan and pulling him up onto stage. SRK, being the good sport that he is, happily joined them and walked along.
Much more than that though was when SRK decided to show off famous dance steps of Hrithik and Big B's. Well, there's no stopping them after this. All three of them enjoyed themselves on stage, much to the audience's delight!
With such high entertainment, everyone surely must have enjoyed the day.


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