Bidaai strikes a Century

Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai touched a century. Catch the pictures as the cast let their hair down and partied the night away...

Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai completed hundred episodes and director turned producer of the show, Rajan Shahi threw a bash at B.B Bungalow, to celebrate the success of hitting the hundred episode mark.

The entire cast made an appearance at the party including Alok Nath, Vibha Chibber, the two young girls Parul Chauhan and Sara Khan, two male leads Angad Hansija and Kinshuk Mahajan, Shabaana Mullani, Seema Kapoor with husband Amit, Avinash Wadhawan with wife Natasha, Ashita Dhawan, Naveen Saini, Preeti Puri, Rajendra Chawala, Vimarsh Roshan, Preeti Puri, Nattasha Rana with husband Deepraj Rana, Uttkarsha Naik, Shekhar Shukla, Ali Raza. Guests included Vishal Singh, Rucha Gujrati, , Kshiti Jog and Poonam Mishra.

The host of the evening, Rajan Shahi was in an exuberant mood as he bustled through the crowd. Addressing his cast Rajan says, “It's a nice feeling to know that the show has been accepted by masses and classes. Simplicity is the USP of the show and audience are connecting to the story everywhere as per the feedback. The show has completed hundred episodes and it will surely run for many years.”

Alok Nath popped open the champagne bottle, followed by the cake cutting. The lead girls and boys gave some mind blowing performances as Sara and Angad danced to Ishq Hua from Nach Le and Parul and Kinshuk swaying to Labon Ko from Bhool Bhulaiyaa. The party went on till the wee hours of morning with the stars dancing away to glory.

Reporter: Melanie
Pictures: Melanie

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Preeti Puri Choudhary

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Rucha Gujrathi

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Avinash Wadhavan

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Alok Nath

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Seema Kapoor

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Vishal Singhh

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Parul Chauhan

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Ashita Dhawan Gulabani

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Shekhar Shukla

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Kinshuk Mahajan

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Ali Raza

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Deepraj Rana

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K Mahajan

Comments (13)

Miss you sooo much kinshuk hope to see you soon : )

12 years ago

i luv sara khan....her beauty lies in her simplicity...nd she nd angad make a nice couple too..!!
thnkxx for da article!

16 years ago

congrats to the bidaai team...nice pics..

16 years ago

why no Parul and Sara......... same with kinshuk and sara..... i think something happend!

16 years ago

Thank GOD.....At least this shows us that Kinshuk is still in Bidaai.......Thanks

16 years ago

wat do they mean wen they say its goin to continue for many years??????
OH NO!!!!!!!

16 years ago

everyone looks nice

16 years ago

Congrats on 100 episode, many for to come :)

Angad/Sara and Kinshuk/Parul look cute, cant wait for their jodi's on-screen

16 years ago

is there anyway we can see their performances?

*nothing wrong with asking lol*

parul and sara look beautiful

angad looks hot

Kinshuk looks breath taking as alwaaayssss

t4 article

16 years ago

nice to see kinshuk after a long gap nice pictures

16 years ago

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