Bhoot Aaya to narrate a story of a brutal spirit!

Sony TV’s horror show Bhoot Aaya will feature the story of a married couple who start encountering strange things at their new house…

Sony Entertainment Television's horror series Bhoot Aaya will narrate yet another spine chilling episode this weekend of a married couple Tejas and Aditi. Tejas and Aditi have been going through a financial crisis and with god's grace they get a house to stay for free through a friend. When they move into that house strange things start to happen to Aditi.

She informs Tejas that she doesn't want to stay there anymore as something is wrong about the place. One night a shopkeeper in the neighborhood tells Aditi that there was a Dai maa who used to do illegal abortion and used to throw dead bodies of unborn children behind that house in the drainage tunnel. But Tejas doesn't believe her and convinces her to stay in that house as they can't afford to rent another house. One day they find some stinking dead body kind of thing on the terrace, and incidents continue to haunt them. Aditi gets her hand cut, and then a friend who comes to help also experiences a painful hand cut.

Finally they call for a Guruji who does a Pooja in the house. But after all that what has happened Aditi and Tejas decide to leave that house. Later, the paranormal investigation reveals that the canal behind the house used to carry the dead bodies of infants which were a result of illegal abortions. Their spirits have been wandering around, and Aditi going through an abortion herself in the past attracted the sprits to her further.

What will happen to Aditi and Tejas? Will they get rid of this evil in their life?

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