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Bhakti's 'Taj Poshi' in Hamari Devrani..

In an interesting turn of events, Jethanis get exposed and Bhakti is given the house keys. Her Taj Poshi takes place in a grand manner...


Star Plus' Hamari Devrani will see a major highpoint with the Jethanis being exposed in the coming episodes.

The present track focuses on Mohan (Madan) and Bhakti's (Krishna Gokhani) dilemma after finding out the real face of the Jethanis. The couple decides to leave Nanavati Kunj and live their life away from the family. At home, preparations are on for the eldest bahu Manjula's 'Taaj Poshi', wherein she will be declared the head of the family and will be given the keys of the house.

But there will be a big twist happening on the day of the Taj Poshi,  where Jethanis will be exposed.

Confirming this news to Telly Buzz is Raakesh Paswan, Story writer of the show, "Mohan and Bhakti who are about to leave house are persuaded by Devaki (mother) to be present for the function, and leave after that. But on the day, Jethanis are exposed by their own foolish act, which brings a chaos in the family".

"The story will take a major turn when the Jethanis will be sent to the out-house (where Mohan and Bhakti were living) to live their life, after all the follies they have committed. Meanwhile, Bhakti and Mohan get back to their family, and Bhakti is declared the rightful owner of the house keys and her 'Taj Poshi' happens in a grand manner", explains Raakesh.

This interesting twist will give rise to a new beginning in the life of Mohan and Bhakti wherein their characters will become much stronger.

Well, it will be interesting to see the Jethanis living in the small house for sureā€¦.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh



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darshana23 11 years ago thats great! something different than typical rona dhona....
-Imu.M- 11 years ago This is So Cool!
Finally Waiting for this Epi ...

Gr8 Going HD - Best of Luck for future Track ..
coolnandu 11 years ago This content is hidden.
CrazyNoori 11 years ago cant wait for dis buh rajeshwari and jalpa or alpa i get confused werent dah bad as d otha 3
CookMySock 11 years ago Fianlly they will be exposed
I think that will be next week
That''s just great to see
Phew after like four months their truth is finally going to come out!
chit-pit 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Bee3nazz 11 years ago what goes around come around, though it took a long time coming its here and in what a style!!! wow
imagine the jethanies in that small outhouse!!!

* Unnati *
* Unnati * 11 years ago Wowww...relly lookin forward to it!! Its a gr8 storyline!
AbhiAni 11 years ago jethanis are exposed by their own foolish act, gr8,
Angel-A 11 years ago atlast dey exposed.. cant wait to watch it..
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