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COLORS' new show Bhagya Vidhata will deal with a horrifying custom that prevails in Bihar where the Groom is forced into marriage at gun point..

COLORS' new show Sabki Jodi Wahi Banata.. Bhagya Vidhata, produced by Shreya Creations is about marriage on the lines of 'Terror', wherein the marriage takes place with the groom placed at gun point by the girl's family and well-wishers. The show was earlier titled 'Reet' and Telly Buzz had given a gist of the show's concept earlier.

According to our source, "This horrifying custom is followed in the North, especially in Bihar wherein arrangements for the marriage happen as usual with all the rituals, starting from Mehendi to Sangeet taking place normally. The only difference is that only few elders in the girl's family will know who the groom is, and who they have to kidnap at gun point before the muhurat. After the marriage is over, the girl's family performs the 'Bidaai' and leave the girl at the boy's place. The muscle men of the girl's family threaten the boy's family to accept the girl into their house; otherwise they would end up killing the boy".

"The girls' families in Bihar are forced to conduct such marriages due to the prevailing dowry system wherein the boys demand for huge money, failing which the marriage usually does not take place. Forced by poverty, the girls' family take the path of crime to get their daughters wedded".

Bhagya Vidhata
is the journey of one such girl who is married under these circumstances. "The girl will have to go thro' a miserable life wherein she is not accepted as the Bahu or Wife of the house", adds our source.

On the cast of the show, our source quips, "A newcomer by name Richa Soni will play the female lead, while the male lead has not been finalized yet. Atul Srivastava who was earlier seen in Kareena Kareena plays the girl's father and a lesser known actress Meena Nathani plays her mother. Another newcomer Pooja Yadav will play sister to the female lead".

"The family of the boy has not been finalized yet", concludes our source.

We tried calling Sheel Kumar of Shreya Creations, but he was not available for comments.

Bhagya Vidhata will launch in April and the time slot has not been decided yet.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Bhagya Vidhata is an interesting show that highlights a custom that is followed to this day. A marriage is a happy occasion which takes a turn for the worst when done under pressure. But, a few things are not shown realistically. I as a college teacher who have taught boys like Vinay and his friends have observed that they (Vboys like Vinay) are very quick in understanding situations and trying to get to the bottom of the problem. They face them with courage and try to bring lasting changes. Here the character of Vinay is now aired without the courage he had shown earlier-facing Raja bhayya and understanding his nature-that a brother who can push his sister into a horrible situation cannot look after Rekha.Vinay has all the abilities of getting to the root of the matter-his forced marriage is due to the non-payment of money to Pappu Singh by his father and Akhilesh bhayya and he is a man of principles- he never makes use of Bindia sexually. If the serial makers put all these abilities of Vinay Sinha and bring out the strong character that he is, the TRPs will certainly go up and it will be closer to reality. Bascically Vinay Sinha is a romantic guy who does dream of a happy married life. If his character can be shown in helping his sister get out of the marriage she is in and try to deal with his anger not on Bindia but at the right quarter, the serial will reflect the reality where boys like Vinay dictate their own destinies and rule their own lives. Earlier it was shown that he slowly accepts Bindia (Rakhee day, Teej,Scorpion incidents)by treating her as a person.Now the serial is hung on Poonam and a dumb angle of murder as though all rich families are this bad. Boys like Vinay do give their unending support to women with a strength of character and I have observed this. They are always close to their mothers and imbibe a lot of pro women attitude which they don't exhibit always but do so when the occassion arises. If the serial makers incorporate all t...

14 years ago

Can someone please provide the written updates regularly? I am really interested in reading them as i can't see these programes as i live in Australia. Please..


14 years ago

damn intersting.ya people give up asking for dowry yaar!!

14 years ago

Oh wow! :D dats soo intersting..hmmm....but dats realli sad..i feel real bad..i dnt kno y pplz ask 4 dowry soo high! its soo disgusting! :( n yea..put an intersting jodi so its nyc 2 wtch..n dnt mke it all rona dhona...mayb mke dem fall in luv or sumthing! :D cuz dat would b super intersting..

14 years ago

interesting storyline... never knew that this sort of tradition existed.


14 years ago

Pls take some good pair so that people see the show because of that pair in some shows if girl is good looking boy is dum and if boy is cute then girl is so so pls take the pair like (Shubh astha)of babul ka aangan chootey na so we can see serial because of that pair other wise the same all rona dhona .


14 years ago

I think now Colors is over-doing it.I think they are going Ekta way.When she found the success formula she kept repeating it till people stopeed caring.They are doing the same.And havent we seen this theme of Dulha Pakkad already in Ghar Ek Sapna.

14 years ago

I''m glad that such shows are coming out....if oyu get some value out of entertainment, that has to be good right???

nd so what if a persons life has too many problems??? there are always ppl out there sho will face more problems than you...knowing about all of this keeps a person sensitized to their surroundings...

i for one did not know about this custom....can''t wait for the show, will definitely sart lado after xams (oh how i can''t wait for them to get over!!!)

14 years ago

It reminded me of Ghar Ek Sapna. It had the same plot!!

14 years ago

i am now getting tired of seeing serials based on social issues.....dont we have enough tension in our real life besides having to sit and see moral science stories and feel depressed seeing them?

14 years ago

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