Bhaago Zarine, Bhaago!

Last we heard from the lovely Zarine Khan, she was wrapping up her...

Last we heard from the lovely Zarine Khan, she was wrapping up her Veer era, as the movie had recently lived up its shelf life. Lately though, we've been hearing sounds from her, 60% of which is her voice as she speaks, and 40% is heavy panting.

Now why would that be?

Don't fret guys. Our Zarine's just crazy tired! She claimed that a director of her forthcoming movie, the information of which is specifically hush-hush at the moment, asked Zarine to run free in the concentrated Indian summer sunshine for some time. Err, weird that, no?

Here's why! It happens to all be in the interests of letting Zarine look authentically exhausted for a scene which required her to genuinely look so. Creativity joining hands with realism in cinema? Kind of!

Tired or not, genuinely sweating or not, we at Bollycurry are just happy to hear back from Zarine. Veer has done her good, seeing as how she's up and about, in demand, shooting for new movies, and not insisting on letting extra glycerin pose as sweat- Zarine's the real deal, and is here to stay.

Anyone with us?!

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