Betiyaan team on a promoting spree..

Zee's prime time show Betiyaan is all busy promoting their show in order to have a strong grip on viewers...

Due to the broadcasting strike, the channel and producers are facing a huge financial loss, while the audience is worried with the sudden vacuum on TV. However, the cast of Zee's Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan is busy promoting themselves in order to keep their viewers happy.

We called up the leading actress of Betiyaan, Gunjan Walia to know more. “We all received a call from the Executive Producer for some event in order to do promotions. I think it’s the marketing strategy of the channel.”

“Smriti (Durga) is all set to leave for Ahmadabad for the above said promotion. On Saturday, we four sisters will be joining the event that will be held in Mumbai. Till now I haven’t got the details of the venue,” adds the actress.

It’s been heard that Zee is endorsing all its prime time popular shows in order to stay connected with its audience during the strike. “Yes, the channel is currently busy in that, so they don’t loose out their viewers. There will be others shows too joining the race,” says the khabroo.

We called up the Marketing Head, Zee, Mr. Tarun Mehra, who says, “This promotion is not due to strike, but we were planning this since long.”

Well this was the right opportunity and the channel had grabbed it in a smart way… Isn’t it!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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