Benaf Dadachandji Injured

Benaf Dadachandji aka Baby of Baa Bahu Aur Baby met with an accident on Friday leaving her badly injured; JD Mathejia confirms the news...


Benaf Dadachandji, fondly known by her fans as the sweet, effervescent, yet at times arrogant Baby from Baa, Bahu Aur Bahu met with an accident on Friday night at Colaba. The accident resulted in a bruised face and a dislocated shoulder causing Benaf to take a break from shooting.

Benaf had a family function to attend on Friday night after which, was returning home in a friend’s car. The car driver was speeding and crashed into her parked car, damaging both the cars. Benaf was immediately rushed to in CST. The doctors diagnosed a dislocated shoulder and have advised her a month’s rest.

Benaf will be out of work for some time taking the required rest. J.D Mathejia, the producer of Baa Bahu Aur Baby, when contacted, confirmed the news saying, “Yes it is true that Benaf met with severe accident but fortunately escaped with no major injuries. I spoke to her father and he said that she has a dislocated shoulder and is required to rest for at least three weeks.” He further added, “This definitely affects the shooting. In fact the scriptwriters are currently working on changing the track of the show since the present track is centered on Baby’s love story. But Benaf’s recovery is what matters the most.”

The Telly Buzz team wishes Benaf a speedy recovery and hopes to see her back in BBB soon.

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mytri 12 years ago i pray for her hope she get well soon
fm05 12 years ago I hope she has a speedy recovery. It is a relief she escaped with minor injuries. Her track was getting so interesting but it is so great of the producers to give her the required rest and not put their show first.
Jasmine... 12 years ago oh no!!!god bless....may she gt well soon.....
mz.jess 12 years ago AWW, im gonna miss her, shes so sweet

sneha_2100 12 years ago Poor thing!! I hope she gets well soon. Im gonna miss her alot but her health is much much more important than the show
cute* 12 years ago gona really miss her..baby and gatu are the charm of the show.wish u a quick & happy recovery. :-)
Tani91 12 years ago OMG I'm glad she's ok..love her as Baby...get well soon Benaf! we'll miss you
untamedvampire 12 years ago awwww... hope she gets well soon... oh btw... the article says 'Baby from Baa, Bahu Aur Bahu'... =)

Get well sooooooooooooon baby!
maha786 12 years ago i wish she gets well soon and can resume her track in bbb
pomegranate 12 years ago awwwwwwww.. thats too bad hope she recovers soon.
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