Being a Pakistani in India

Boundaries of the hearts dissolve as these young Pakistani singers open up their hearts about their experience in India. Read on to find more.

India and Pakistan have shared a 5000 year old history together. Born out of the Indus valley Civilaisation, one of the oldest urban civilisation in the world,, they not only share history, but diet, lifestyle and culture as well. As both India and Pakistan celebrate their 60th Independence Year, we pay salute to the denizens of both countries who have tried to bridge the gap created by political selfishness of both countries. Culturally, the borders have all but dissolved, with Indian shows gaining mass popularity in Pakistan, and Pakistani artists gaining the adulation and respect of the Indians all over the world.

We catch up with a few Pakistani artists who are today making waves with their performances on Indian television.

How do you celebrate Independence day in Pakistan?
Junaid Mainly with my friends of university and also few fans I made. We used to attend shows and events and even took part in them.

Amanat. I do lot of shows on that day. And interesting part is I sing every type of song, even Indian songs that give out the message for friendship.

Mussarat: I celebrate it with my friends attending shows and all. We all also visit many historical places that day.  
How different is it in Pakistan than in India and do you identify with the culture here?
Junaid: There is no difference actually. The only one I can see is the difference in the day that’s it.

Amanat: There is actually no diff between the two. It is a wrong picture created by few regarding each others country by some negative elements.

Mussarat: . I don’t find any such diff. In fact everything in both the countries are the same. Why just culture even food clothing all are same.
What is the one thing you like the best about being in India?
Junaid: I just don’t know what exactly I like best. I was very scared when I came here first as I had no idea what I would face. But the love I got… I was totally stunned.

Amanat: The best thing I found was the amount of respect they give to artists here. We are nothing as yet but the audience here treats us as if we are big stars.

Mussarat: . The people here are very friendly. They are very good hosts. I am amazed with the respect and love that they have showered on us.  

One difference and one similarity between the two countries.

Junaid :There’s nothing different between the two. Everything I am finding is all same.

Amanat :. I can see only similarity here. Can’t find any difference… I don’t understand when there’s no barrier in our hearts why this border between the two countries. Musarrat :. Everything is the same between the two. Even the friends I have made here are like the ones I have there at home. And I would say just one thing for them all…

Yaara yehi doosti hai,

Kismet se mili hai,

Sang chale, sab rang chale,

Chalte rahey hum sada.


The borders are marked, but hearts are still connected. No political boundary can suppress the growing feeling of oneness between the citizens of both countries. After all, they are siblings, born out of the same land. And they will find ways to remain connected. Tathastu! Inshallah! Amen!
Reporter: Barnali
Author: Minnie Gupta

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this is great! i wish every1 had such an attitute towards the indo-pak situation!

16 years ago

how sweet, and how true..u juz need to look inside the heart of a person to find out true feelings. its not juz about winning i think , by coming into SRGMP they got the chance to express themself to indain public.

u guys ROCK!!

16 years ago

Tnanx, the both countries should definately stop fighting and there should be peace between the two

16 years ago

Great article....
And I agree... there is no difference at all between the two countries.... I hate the fact that the two keep fighting... the citizens of both nations want peace... the politicians are at fault!!

16 years ago

great article

16 years ago




16 years ago

Amazing article!

I saw the SRGMP independence day Episode and it was one of the best episodes i have ever seen on television. It was filled with so much love and respect for both the countries and the songs they sang were enough to bring tears to anyone's eyes.

Good luck to the sings!

16 years ago

Aww thatb is soo cute...

I hope soon India and Pakistan will reunite and no hatred will lie between them....XD

Anam.....xxxxx [:)]

16 years ago

Wonderful article.Enjoyed reading it.

16 years ago

I agree with Herman...make it one country...but then again...some people won't let that happen.

16 years ago

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