Behnein on Star Plus at 8.30pm 'Tere Mere Sapne moved to noon.

Star Plus launches Behnein on February 8th at the 8.30pm slot which means Tere Mere Sapne will be moved to afternoon slot...

The promo of Hats Off Production's new show on Star Plus has been on air for few week now. The channel has now decided to launch the show on February 8th at the 8.30pm slot.

Star Plus plans to bring in fresh programming line up at its prime time, and launch of Behnein is just the beginning.

With Behnein taking the 8.30pm slot, Sphere Origins' Tere Mere Sapne is getting moved. With Tuj Sang Preet Lagai Sajana ending on 5th February Tere Mere Sapne is likely to take 1pm slot from February 8."

When contacted Sanjay Wadhwa , producer of Tere Mere Sapne said, "Tere Mere Sapne will mostly be shifted to the afternoon slot of 1. However, a final decision on this will be taken on Monday."

Recently, Tere Mere Sapne had got into yet another tangle with the main lead Saurabh Pandey being axed from the show and replaced by Yash Pandit.

Behnein is a tale of four sisters, the role of which are being played by Ada ,Ojashree Oberoi, Siju Kataria and Alisha. Sudeep Sahir, Mukul Chablani, Ajay Chaudhary, Dolly Minas, Shruti Ulfat, Darshan Jariwala also play pivotal roles in the show.

Let's see whether Behnein can help the channel in increasing its GRP.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Ssudeep Sahir

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Tere Mere Sapne

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Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajana

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Star Plus

Comments (35)

adonis420 you simply rock... Cheers to you.. Really we cant blame the channel .. Um sure star is trying its best to come up n maybe they will..

14 years ago

TV channel, when it is the fault of the show makers, i.e. production house's, who mess up the shows and people stop watching their shows and the TRP go down.., TV channel gets it's revnue from the advertisers and advertisers pay money according to the number of viewers who watch the shows.! If the shows at prime time have their TRP's drop then TV Channels are forced to shift those shows to different slot or even axe them.!
If fans of KDM want to be angry then be angry @ Ekta Kapoor & Balaji Telefims....

14 years ago

All KDMHMD fans or mad fans even i liked the show a lot..what SP had done to the show was bad too..But move on guys..Donot blame new shows..It is star plus who had done all these...Blame them..It is wrong to curse a show like this

14 years ago

Star and their Shuffling

14 years ago

agree wid you totally.. Fair chance should be given .. Though star has disappointed before but you never know ..

14 years ago

guess ppl are more into channel game rather than giving a fair chance to a new show.. Anyone heard bout trial n error.. c'mon ppl

14 years ago

tht means...... next in line is behnein to be moved to d aftrnoon!!!!!!loooool....sp r such looserz...hopefully dis 1 would be an even bigger flop dan d previous 2 showz!!!!!

14 years ago

c'mon ppl lets give em a chance .. Yes sp has made bad decisions in d past maybe this is a good one.. sUDEEP is a cutie cant wait to see him again.. All the best

14 years ago

good going SP when u will move behnien to afternoon slot, who cares goodbye to SP

14 years ago

Yeh bhi kar lo!!!!Magar 8.30 slot pe koi serial nahi tikega!!!They moved KDMHMD from it and they will go down down and down!!!!!

14 years ago

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