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Behind the scenes look at Maayka - Part 1

Our reporter, Anju, goes down to the sets of Maayka to bring exclusive interviews, pictures and so much more! Read on for all the behind the scenes information..

Published: Tuesday,May 22, 2007 21:38 PM GMT-06:00
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Today, when production houses seem to be fighting it out for the top spot, Zee’s popular show ‘Maayka’ seems to have struck the chord with the viewers. Its simple storyline has been effective in drawing millions of viewers towards it which has made the show one of the most popular shows on the channel.

Maayka is a story of a dotting father, loving mother, their young son and their three daughters: Mahi, Soni and Raaji, who live together as a close knit Punjabi family. It is a story of the emotional ties and bonds between the three daughters and their maayka (parents’ house).

Our reporter, Anju, pays a special visit to the sets of Maayka to have a little chit-chat with the stars of the show and brings back some juicy interviews as well as exclusive pictures!

The Malhotra family in Maayka is based on the strong father who dots on his daughters and treats them like princesses while encouraging them to maintain strong cultural roots at the same time. Find out what happens behind the scenes as we have a chit-chat with Sudhir Pandey and ask him about his character, .

Behind the scenes look at Maayka - Part 1
You’ve played a loving father in Amaanat and Maayka. How would you describe the phase from Lala Lahori Ram to Brij Malhotra?

Well, in the both the show, the back ground is similar, both were Punjabis. Lahori had seven daughters, and he didn’t have a wife. So the father had motherly emotions too, he was a father and a mother to them. The Amanat character was too emotional where every second minute he used to become emotional. While in Maayka, Brij is a self made man, he believes in Karma more than God, and here he has a wife. The relationship he has with a wife is beautiful. She is a companion, a friend, and a big support. There are romantic moments here to. He name is Mohini, but he calls her Moni, since she is from , he calls her kashmira lovingly. Here there is a son too after 3 daughters, and he too goes thru the same drama with the elderly girls, and the impact of all this falls on the son too, which will be revealed later on. Its not underlined right now. Plus, Amanat was a weekly show, Maayka is a daily show. The whole treatment and culture of television has changed.

How is the work environment here?

It’s a great place, everyone here are great performers and great human beings. They respect elders and are very co operative. I have a nice rapport with Naditaji, and with Anjana and Vicky who are the writers of the show, and Vicky writes beautiful dialogues, he’s simply amazing at it and Anjana has an interesting concept of the show.

What do you more relate to?

Both the roles are important to me. The times were different. That was weekly, and this is daily. Weekly shows at slow pace, while here its all fast. So its just a different experience.

What would you prefer? Daily shows or weekly?

If the pressure from daily soaps is taken away, then I wouldn’t mind either one of them. That’s the only element that I am uncomfortable with. Everyday something or the other keeps happening While I had some breathing space in weekly.

Do you help the new generation of television with their acting?

I don’t impose my teachings on others, but at times, they do ask me, if the scene was right or wrong, I do help them out, and give out my suggestions.

Do they look at you like a fatherly figure?

Oh yea, definitely. They do ask me stuff here and there. They come up to me as students who truly want to learn, I definitely help them out, whether its about to acting or other elements.

Who among the three daughters is your favourite?

(laughter) All three of them are my favourite. They are so different, yet so wonderful.

In your entire acting career, who is the one actor you share the best chemistry with?

That will be Vandana Gupta who played my wife in Kareena Kareena, our chemistry was great there. And here too with Nanditaji, we both work very well together.

If Brij’s strength supports the family, Moni’s love keeps them going. Moni’s character, of a loving and sensible mother, is played by Nandita Puri. Read on as we catch up with the beautiful actress and ask her some sweet and spicy questions regarding the show.

Behind the scenes look at Maayka - Part 1
Lets first start with describing Moni’s family.

There is a family, with three daughters and a son, headed by Brij Malhotra, I’m playing his wife’s role - Moni, who is from . It’s a positive role of a mother, but, the nice part that I personally feel about the show, is that the relationship between husband and wife, is very balanced. A wonderful friendship is shown between the two.

Is that what made you opt for this role?

Well, Anjana Sood, the writer called me and narrated the role, and I’ve worked with her before, Anjana thought that I could suit the role, so I decided to go ahead with it. I liked the concept about the woman not being suppressed.. I also liked that a Maayka is important even post marriage, which is rarely shown on TV.. If the girl is in trouble, her maayka will support her, and if the Maayka is in trouble the girl will support them.

Did you always wish to be an actress?

No, I am a very domestic person. I wasn’t the kind to have a big career, and certainly not acting. I am a Kathak dancer. That is my first priority.

Then how did acting happen?

Well, years ago, I was asked to come and choreograph a song sequence in a show, but then they chose me to act in the same show and that’s how things started going from there. I didn’t really choose acting as my career. I just wished to be a domestic person who is at home, and living life peacefully.

Oh, is that why we see a motherly warmth in you on the screen?

(Blushes) well, I.. I.. I guess…

Tell us something about your dance passion.

My parents were very strict about a lot of things, and dance was one thing that they allowed me to do, since it was classical. I still do teach Kathak, twice a week and perform shows all over . A times I shoot morning to evening, go, attend my classes at Juhu, and come back and continue shooting. I can never give up on that.

Great, well, coming back to your role in Maayka, what really sets the foundation of the show?

I will have to say it’s the writers, and also, everyone are really nice on the show. There aren’t many hassles and issues here and there. Plus, I share a good chemistry with Brij Malhotra, and the daughters, all this added together, is what makes the show such a big hit.

Talking about your daughters, which one is your favorite?

Oh no, not this question… (pause) well, I will have to say that the middle daughter - Soni (arti) is my favorite. Arti is really funny and a wonderful person, I love working with her.

How's the working environment here?

Everyone's great here. The only issue is that its too far.

We heard that you recently had an accident? is that true?

Yes, its true, it was nothing big, I am absolutely fine now.

Now that’s what we call a loving family on-screen and off-screen. With lots of fun, masti and work on the sets, the show's cast shares great relationship both professionally and personally! The exclusive Two Part 'Maayka Sets' Series will include special chats and interviews with your favourite Maayka stars as they answer our questions.

Stay tuned as we bring in more inside information and juicy gossips from the sets of Maayka very soon!

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Contact Author: virgo_stars, anju0930ALSO READ: Omung Kumar reveals the creative inspiration behind Temptation Island's set design

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Sallu_King @Sallu_King 16 years ago I Love Maayka,Its Such A Nice Show,Love Everyone Acting,Everyone Should Watch It For Sure.
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.:Ashi:. @.:Ashi:. 16 years ago

great article =]
i'm addicted to maayka... awesome show! its nice to know that Ms. Puri is a Kathak dancer. wow!!! =)
cant wait for Part 2!! yayyy
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Tainted Angel
Tainted Angel @Tainted Angel 16 years ago wow thanxs i love this serial good good video
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Vijaya @vallanki 16 years ago I like the show..nice to know about Nandita as a kathak dancer. she loves soni, obvious, she has a cute smiley face. Neha is short tempered and Raaji is serious.
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Khushiyana Patel @-Khushiyana- 16 years ago I love this serial.. it rocks and I love the way they are acting and showing confusing parts!! Keep it up Maayka !!!
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Prestigious @Prestigious 16 years ago Wow, Ms. Puri is a Kathak dancer and teaches classes too.. It's amazing how she finds time! :)
Best wishes to her in future!

Wonderful article.. Looking forward to part 2! :)
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Sharmin @Shazii 16 years ago awesome article,cant wait for part 2 thanks
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