Be it a punch or punchilne, here is why 'PLANE' should be on your watchlist this weekend

Full of emotions and unprecedented twists, it is set to stream on 14th April 2023 only on Lionsgate Play.

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Having ‘soared’ at the box office and right into action-lovers' hearts, PLANE starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter is set to make its digital release exclusively on Lionsgate Play in India. Trying to make it home for New Year’s eve, Brodie Torrance pilots his plane to safety in the middle of a lightning storm. However, he soon realizes the weather was the least of concerns. With a plane full of passengers and a criminal being extradited, Brodie must save the day. Fueled by adrenaline, this high-octane entertainer is soft at its core. Full of emotions and unprecedented twists, it is set to stream on 14th April 2023 only on Lionsgate Play. 

Here are some reasons why PLANE should be on the top of your watch list:    

A treat for every action-lover

PLANE delivers non-stop excitement from start to finish with its intense fight scenes and explosive special effects. Filled with guns and pirates, the gripping plot and impressive performances are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. Promising adrenaline-fueled action, and thrilling twists, the film is a must-watch for every action lover.

The hunky Gerard Butler

Known for his undeniable charm and piercing blue eyes, Gerard Butler is often regarded as the Hollywood Heartthrob. Playing the persevering pilot, Butler’s mere presence is enough to jump PLANE as your top watch for this week. The Ugly Truth hunk’s magnetic screen presence and convincing performance is sure to mesmerize its audience.

Nerve-wracking twists and turns

From an untimely lightning storm to a criminal being extradited, this white-knuckled action thriller is full of unexpected twists and turns. Be it pirates, passengers or prisoners, every member on board has a trick up their sleeves. With multiple curveballs, PLANE is going to ensure your eyes are glued to your screens.

An unexpected hero

Playing the gray-shaded Gaspare, Mike Colter adds more than just depth to his character and the film. Allegedly charged with murder, this criminal has more to him than meets the eye. Left unattended by his officer, Gaspare's intimidating presence turns out to do more good than harm. Colter’s subtle nuances and mild menace make him the perfect anti-hero.  

PLANE directed by Jean Francois Richet and starring Gerard Butler releases exclusively on Lionsgate Play this 14th April 2023

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