'Be comfortable in whatever you wear' - Kanica Maheshwari

Kanica Maheshwari, who plays the royal Rajkumari in Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat talks about her style statement...

What is Fashion for you?
Something that suits me and I am comfortable in wearing.
Are you a fashion freak or believe in having your own fashion statement?
I like to follow the trend, but most of the times, I believe in having my own fashion statement. We can add our own style with a plus or minus to anything we wear. For example, maxi was a craze in the late 70s, and now it is again loved by all. However, I feel a maxi never suits me, so I add on to it a belt as accessory to make a difference.
What is your favorite out fit?
Lehnga Choli has to be my favorite outfit.
Your favorite Gym wear?
My gym wear is always a shorts and a comfortable t-shirt.
Your favorite designer..
I go to Neeta Lulla, as I like her designing.
Favorite shopping destination..
All the brands are available in India, so I shop here mostly in Bandra. I go to all malls and shops there.
Favorite brand
Gucci, Levis
Favorite color ..

A must-wear accessory for you will be..
My diamond rings, which are always with me. I have two rings one is gifted by my mom and the other one that I bought as I liked the design very much.
Your purse will always have ..
Perfume, money, mirror and gloss.
What have you included in your ward robe as winter collection?
I recently bought a new kind of track shirt of Tommy Hilfiger, and also I had got myself a new leather jacket.

Fashion tips?
Be comfortable in whatever you wear.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Comments (4)

Cool Bhoomi yiur acting and exprsiion are great in RKAB

15 years ago

i like her she is a real princess in RKAB i mean from her look, and beautiful too.....

15 years ago

i luv da way she carries out her outfit in raja ki..!

15 years ago

she looks very good and i like her fashion statements

15 years ago

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