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#BB12 : What! Surbhi Rana gets the advantage to nominate the entire team in the nomination task

With detonators and bunks, nomination task became a war zone..


Bigg Boss 12 has entered its 11th week and slowly reaching a crucial phase. Aware of this fact, the contestants are playing their game with earnest intent in order to win the show. Strategies are being made, and friends are turning into foes because everyone's intention is to win the show.

The week in the Bigg Boss house begins on an intimidating note because of the nominations for the week. To create a sense of thrill among the contestants, Bigg Boss announced an LOC task for the nomination process. Surbhi Rana being the captain of the house, was given the authority to nominate contestants of her choice. The house was divided into two teams - one with Dipika, Jasleen, Deepak and Romil and the other with Karanvir, Sree Santh, Somi and Rohit. The garden area was separated into halves and both the teams had to be in the their LOCs. Denotars and bunks with contestant's name were spread around the garden area. After every explosion noise, Surbhi had to take the name of the contestant she wanted to nominate along with a reason. Post that she had to use the detonator to blow up the bunk of that contestant.

Another twist in the task was that if Surbhi nominated three contestants from one team, then that entire team would be nominated for this week and the other would be saved. Megha was already nominated by Bigg Boss last week for her misbehaviour with Deepak.

Which team will Surbhi choose and who all will join Megha for this week's elimination?
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SnehaDoll 2018-11-26T19:37:36Z Edited2018-11-26 19:40:23
Meridipukakar 2018-11-26T11:16:39Z Five stars for dipika only
This was so expected of surbhi another footage hungry fake human being
Dipika will be first in the voting trend inshallah
YellowBoots 2015-01-19T06:56:55Z "Sachin has been sending messages to Aamir saying I told you so with a smile.." Haha. Looks like AK has a stalker.
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