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#BB12: EXPOSED! Romil Choudhary from 'Bigg Boss 12' is NOT a commoner

Some facts revealed...


Bigg Boss 12 continues to have a mixed response this time, where some viewers are not liking the show and some loyal fans watch the show nevertheless.

However, one of the biggest plus points of the past couple of seasons has been the commoners' concept, as the viewers came across sine genuine characters as they actually were commoners indeed.

This time though, some fans have been doubting the reality of a few contestants not actually being commoners per se. And we recently came across a video which confirmed the same pertaining Romil Choudhary.

Romil has created an image of himself, but we recently came across a video which showed how Romil auditioned for a season of Roadies.

Yes! That's right. In fact, he auditioned for the show not once but twice-
Well, we wonder what would this lead to if masses come across the same.
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SnehaDoll 2018-10-07T06:57:35Z Just because he Auditioned for Roadies, he is Not a Commoner ? Commoner means anyone who isn't a celeb.
Who knows Romil before he came to Bigger boss? God how many lakhs must hv auditioned for Roadies and got the rejected , so does that mean all of them are celebs?
NidhiAS.Raizada 2014-12-10T05:20:18Z You are awesome player Roger, keep rocking!
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