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#BB12: Did you know that Rohit GIFTED Srishty something just as she LEFT the house

The actress recently revealed...


Several fans are still trying to get their head wrapped around their favorite contestant, Srishty Rode's elimination, as many of them just can't believe that it happened. There are still debates going on as to how Srishty was considered to be amongst the frontrunners to reach the finals, and how the likes of Jasleen Matharu and Somi Khan are still a part of the show.

Well, nothing can be done about that as what's done is done and Srishty is now back in the real world. The actress, since returning has been busy with media interactions and radio interviewers everywhere but is extremely happy to be back indeed.

In the house, Srishty made some amazing friends for sure in the form of Karanvir Bohra and Rohit Suchanti. In the case of the latter, there is a spark of discomfort among many as to how close he was getting to the actress time and again, but the same fizzled out soon.

It is only friendship, and apparently, one that is going to be forever. How's that? Well. Srishty herself went on to claim that.

Recently, the actress showed off a bracelet that Rohit gave to her just as she was leaving the Bigg Boss house, and captioned it as 'friends forever'-

Not only is that sweet, but it eradicates all the rumors too.

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