BB 17: Ankita names Isha & 'protects' her from 'negative' Mannara

This showdown between Lokhande and Chopra might lead to something more soon.

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Weekend Ka Vaar

Bigg Boss 17 continues to spice things up even though it has been barely a week since its launch. The house has already witnessed some budding bonds and some intriguing rivalries and real fights. One of the consistent rivalries so far has been that of Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra. The duo has been at loggerheads so far and it seems their animosity isn't dying down anytime soon.

Actor Kangana Ranaut made a special appearance on this Weekend Ka Vaar where she not only had fun with host, Salman Khan but she even entered the house.

In the house, she played a game with the housemates where they had to mark the person whom they won't spare if they bother someone else.

To this, Ankita Lokhande went on to mark how she sees a budding bond between her and Isha Malviya and hence she would like to protect her from the negative person that is, Mannara Chopra.

To this, Chopra responded saying that Isha should be individualistic and have her own point of view. She doesn't need to be 'junior Ankita.'

This showdown between Lokhande and Chopra might lead to something more soon.

Keep reading this space for further updates.

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Looks like they all are jealous of Mannara hence targeting her.

4 months ago

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