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BB 13| Paras Chhabra on Taking the Money Brief Case: The Others Who Got Eliminated Have Nothing Now!

In an exclusive conversation, Paras Chhabra spoke to us about his relation with Mahira, journey in the house, friendship with Sidharth and much more...


Paras Chhabra has been one of the strongest contenders in the BB13 house. The actor who claimed a spot in the top 6 took the money bag worth Rs. 10 Lakh and got himself evicted from the show. In an exclusive conversation, Paras Chhabra spoke to us about his relation with Mahira, journey in the house, friendship with Sidharth and much more...

How was your journey in the Bigg boss house?

My journey was really amazing. Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show and this season has been a huge hit both time and TRP wise. We got what we wanted to from the Bigg Boss. 

Why did you leave with the money? Didn’t you have the confidence in yourself that you can win?

See somewhere down the line you have this gut feeling about what is going to happen because there are 2-3 strong contestants as well by your side who have also done big shows of Colors previously. You know what you have done and according to your journey in the house, you are aware of your value. 

For example, My mom was telling me not to do Bigg Boss because she was not sure of how I was going to behave. So I came and went back by my own will. So this is a win for me that I went back proudly with the money. The others who were eliminated have nothing now. At least I have something. 

You had a very deep friendship with Mahira. So what do you have to say about that friendship?

I found Mahira extremely sorted. Among the other girls, I found that her thinking matched mine. She used to understand things and I didn’t know how my four months went  by when I was with Mahira. When she left 2 days back, I lived that 2 days in stress. She gave me the moral support.

When you talk about flip, a lot of people have flipped in the house but only one received that tag. Even you flipped towards Sidharth and we saw your friendship was great. So what do you have to say about that?

I didn’t flip towards Sid, after the first level, there was a tunnel task where Vishal came. After that, he tried to make efforts from his side to be sweet. So when he was sweet, we didn’t have any problem talking to him, and it’s also good for your game if you have a stronger person with you. 

After that we 4 were at one side and the entire house was at the other side. In that train task where I was the Sanchalak, Sidharth thought that we are gone now. I told him to watch, I will make Mahira win, he asked me how so and then I behaved that way as a Sanchalak. So even he thought after that, Paras is a great guy, he likes people like him, so we became friends. We understood each other after that. 


When you entered, your game was really strong but in the between you were a little low because of Akanksha’s topic. So what is your relation status now? Our audience is quite confused what is happening. 

I don’t know what is the status with Akanksha because I just came outside and I don’t know what has happened. As per the information that I have received, the things that are now there in front of the world shouldn’t have come outside. I want a little positivity in life now so I am moving towards this new show, I want a partner who could understand me. 

Even Sana is in the show with you. tell us something about it. 

As we all know Sana is entertaining, she is full on Punjabi and even I am Punjabi so I understand her comedy properly. Sana is there so I am more relaxed because the kind of flips she will make with guys inside, it will be extremely fun to watch. I don’t have any tension there because we have to choose and reject people. 

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