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Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka: Reyansh to stay back in Dehradun for Aradhana

In the upcoming episode of Sony TV's show Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka tonight, Reyansh will finally decide to stay back in Dehradun for his lady love Aradhana.

Published: Wednesday,Sep 20, 2023 13:08 PM GMT-06:00
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Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon

Sony TV's "Barsatein" has been steadily gaining popularity in the online TRP charts since its debut. The show is a refreshing departure from the typical daily soap drama that dominates television. While the sizzling chemistry between Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon is a major draw, the storyline itself has won the hearts of Indian television viewers.

In the current storyline, Reyansh (portrayed by Kushal Tandon) visits Dehradun to support Aradhana (played by Shivangi Joshi) after learning the truth about her relationship with Mayank. Filled with remorse and regret, Reyansh is making every effort to be by Aradhana's side as she embarks on a quest to find her biological mother.

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In the upcoming episodes of the show, Reyansh, who has been dismissed from his job by Viren, makes the decision to leave Dehradun and head to Delhi. Aradhana gets wind of his departure and rushes after Reyansh in a bid to stop him. As she watches the bus pulling away, a sense of sadness overwhelms her, and she resigns herself to the situation. However, to her surprise, Reyansh arrives at the scene and explains that the reason he decided to stay was because he was moved by Aradhana's determination and her spirited run. Their encounter leads to a heartfelt and brief romantic moment between the two.

Meanwhile, Neeta, who had adopted Aradhana, reaches out to wish her on her birthday. Overwhelmed with emotion, Aradhana addresses her as 'Neeta Aunty' while expressing her gratitude, which brings tears to Neeta's eyes. This touching moment does not go unnoticed by Reyansh and Sunaina.

Are you eagerly anticipating the upcoming episodes of the show?

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