Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka: Reyansh and Aradhana team up to expose the Jindals?

In the upcoming episodes of Sony TV’s show Barsatein, Reyansh and Aradhana will be seen finding a solid proof to expose the Jindals.

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Sony TV's beloved series, "Barsatein," featuring the talented Shivangi Joshi and Kushal Tandon in leading roles, has continued to captivate audiences, securing its place atop the online TRP charts since its debut.

In the current storyline, Reyansh (portrayed by Kushal Tandon) visits Dehradun to support Aradhana (played by Shivangi Joshi) after learning the truth about her relationship with Mayank. Filled with remorse and regret, Reyansh is making every effort to be by Aradhana's side as she embarks on a quest to find her biological mother.

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In the episode of the show today we saw how Aradhana confronts Viren and apologises to him. But Viren on the other hand tells Aradhana that whatever she did was right. Aradhana also confronts Malini and breaks down in front of her. Malini consoles her and addresses her as her own daughter. Further, Reyansh tells Aradhana that he has a gift for her that will bring a big smile on her face and takes her to the store room. 

In the upcoming episode of the show we will see how this gift actually brings a huge smile on Aradhana’s face. Sunaina tells the Jindals and the Khannas that she has organised a special pooja which will especially be loved by Alka. She along with Reyansh, Aradhana and the entire family then takes them to the store room. Upon reaching the store room, everyone is shocked.

What do you think has got everyone reacting like this?

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