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Barkha Bisht on her experience of working on 'Mukhbir' & co-star Zain Khan Durrani

Barkha Bisht and Zain Khan Durrani are currently seen in ZEE5's recently released web series, Mukhbir- The Story of a Spy.

Published: Wednesday,Nov 30, 2022 10:04 AM GMT-07:00
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Barkha Bisht and Zain Khan Durrani are currently seen in ZEE5's recently released web series, Mukhbir- The Story of a Spy. India Forums got in touch with Barkha to know more about her character experience working on the series  

1. What attracted you to take up this series (Mukhbir)?

Honestly, what drew me to the show was just the storyline, the story of a spy. I've always wanted to be part of a spy thriller. When I met my director, and we went through the story line and my character, that’s when I loved my character and of course as an actor it was an extremely challenging role to play, so that's what really drew me to it.

2. Tell us about your role and how did you prepare for it?

About my character, I play a Pakistani singer Begum Anar who has shifted to Pakistan the India-Pakistan separation. It’s her journey of how her art led her to do certain things which she possibly regrets in life. And I think the only thing that this character really looks for in life is love and that is the one thing that she never got. It’s a very beautiful journey of this character from who she was to who she has become and how she misses being who she really was. So, it’s quite a beautiful journey. Honestly, I did not have too much time to prepare for it because I was probably the last one to be cast in this show and the moment I was cast, I think in two days I had to start shooting. So, the only way we prepared is by having lots of conversations with my director Shivam Sir (Shivam Nair) and JP Sir (Jayprad Desai), and my producer, who’s also the writer of the show, who’s done the dialogues and that too a lot of which is in Urdu with Urdu pronunciations. So, trying to grasp all of that, understand what it’s about, what’s happening, because everybody else was onboard and everybody had time to do readings and sessions, so I was like ‘How am I going to do this?’. But of course, both my directors had a lot of conversation with me which truly helped and honestly that was the best that we could do at that point of time. So, just a lot of conversations and a lot of deeper understanding of the character was how I prepared.

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3. How was it working with your co-stars? Tell us one thing about them that their viewers would love to know!

It was amazing working with Zain (Zain Khan Durrani). I think it was the first time that I was meeting Zain in my life. I landed on the set the first day, met him and started shooting with him, so I had no idea what it would be like because usually you tend to meet your co-stars few times before, but this was like I suddenly met him, and I suddenly started shooting with him. But it was amazing because I think he is one person who never made me feel like, ‘Oh, we've just met’, it almost felt like somebody I've known for a while, that was the amount of comfort that we shared as co-stars and he’s immensely talented. It’s just wonderful working with somebody like that, it brings out so much in your performance when you have somebody as talented, wonderful, and comfortable to be around. So, that was one amazing experience. But the one thing that everyone should know about him is that Zain can really eat, it's like he can eat as much as a village put together. And I'm not kidding. I was literally amazed to see how much that man can eat, and I would actually often laugh about it but it's good to see somebody enjoy food as much as he did.

‘Mukhbir – The Story of a Spy’ is an inspiring story of India’s secret agent in Pakistan who rose to the occasion to save the nation and turn the tide of the war in his country’s favour. 

Barkha Bisht Sengupta ZEE5 Originals 

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