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Bani to come at Anuradha's rescue!

An interesting twist in the tale is waiting for the viewers in Bani - Ishq Da Kalma as Bani will save Anuradha from the anonymous man who will try to shoot her.

As seen in the show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma, the docile and simple looking Bani aka Shefali Sharma has donned a glamorous look. She has come back in a modernized avatar to take revenge from her husband Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) who had tried to kill her. There is an interesting twist coming up in the show as Anuradha aka Damini Kanwal Shetty who helps Bani in changing her identity and aides her financially, will be shot.

Confirming about the same our source says, In today's  episode the audience will witness some action in Bani - Ishq Da Kalma as some anonymous man will try to shoot Anuradha (Damini Shetty) but will be unsuccessful.  Bani (Shefali Sharma) will save Anuratha and in return she will be thankful to Bani and they will leave from the party. On the other hand Parmeet is terrified on seeing Maya and is shocked to see that Bani is alive. So he tries to spot Bani again however, will not be able to spot as she has already left from the party. Parmeet will be tensed and will try to inquire about Bani from his friend Yuhan (Bharat Kumar) and secretary Mukta (Sreejita De) who are also present in the party.

Mukta finds it strange when Parmeet inquires about Bani and thus she will give a call to Anuradha. Well, on answering Mukta's call, Anuradha (Damini) and Bani(Shefali)  will rejoice as they have achieved the first step of their plan successfully.

It will be interesting to watch in the upcoming episodes of the show as what many more plans will Anuradha and Bani execute againt Parmeet to teach him a lesson.

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br200910 6 years ago Love u Shefali sarma wow now so happy coz now Baani bold n give super slap to Parmeet dil garden garden ho gaya...waiting for more Bold Baani..
Krilovad 6 years ago Shefali sarma now super duper wow so happy Baani give big slap to Parmeet ...
SRJKiShraddha 6 years ago i am not regular watcher or fan of bani , but my mom does like it my fav ckt is rajji, all the best shefali i hope u do well as maya.
sreejita i love u babes ,u are my the favorite i love u as mukta
Avika.Gor 6 years ago Shefali Sharma you just rock girl !
bindusigdl 6 years ago Love u sreejita de clap foru slap 4 haters :D
Stark_Wolf 6 years ago intresting? really who finds this crap intresting ROFL
can u pls kill of d character rajji then i can easily quit d show...watching this crap only for rajji !
-Hima- 6 years ago I don;t get it! Why does the guy want to shoot Anuradha in the first place? And Parmeet still believes that Bani is alive? That is natural considering nothing major changed in the actress.
Krishnapremika 6 years ago Still mahasangam not over !! anyways love u sreejita love ur dance and acting
BullsEye777 6 years ago So Damini Shetty has a bigger role!! Good!
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