Bakhtiyaar and Tanaaz vow not to give up

The couple got duped of more than a couple of lakhs by a film production house and they are determined to fight for their case…

Around the middle of last year, a lot of buzz surrounded this unconventional film title- Kisses Love Phillum Dosti. Apparently, the reports stated that a foreign production company by the name Tearpol is launching in India with the film.

But it all turned out to be a big scam and the film never launched. However, among the entire ruckus, the injured parties are the actors.

According to our source, "The Iranis (who were last seen in Colors' Bigg Boss Season 3)have been duped of lakhs of rupees that they ought to get for the work done in the film Kisses Love Phillum Dosti. Helpless to do nothing much, they sent a legal notice to Mr. Jayesh Vyas through their advocate Taubon. F. Irani. The notice in simple terms urges Vyas to cough up what he owes the couple. But the complaint was made in September, 2009. So far there's hardly been a growth in the case."

Bakhtiyaar tells us, "The producer of the film is an NRI, who is now on the run after cheating people who were on board his project. But we have taken him to court. I will continue to fight. I don't leave what is my share."

He adds, "The film was supposed to take off around 27th August of last year, but it never happened. We went through the grueling rehearsals, reading sessions and also helped in shopping for costumes of our characters…but nothing eventually came out of it."

What about the other actors? "I'm not sure about the actors but the fact is that I and Tanaaz have not been paid our due signing amount. We will not let go of what is rightfully ours," Bakhtiyaar signs off.

We hope this couple gets justice and not have to endure the 'taareekh pe taareekh' drama of courtrooms!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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poor guys
all the best for their endeavour

14 years ago

After cheating fans and depriving them of their hard earned money which they used to send you SMS, if anyone deserves to be cheated, it is you Bakhtiyaar. As they say, life is a full circle.

14 years ago

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