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Bairam Khan loses the war against Pratap!

End of the war in Sony TV’s historical show Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap as Pratap rejoices his victory against Bairam Khan.

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Bairam Khan is once again planning to attack Pratap's (Faisal l Khan) friends by explosion. On the other hand all the Queens are preparing for war against Rao Surtan. Raghavendra is been taken by Mughal soldiers and Pratap following him.

There Surtan has entered the Bijoliya palace and now looking for Queens. We see Rana Udai singh is coming towards Bijoliya. Pratap follows Raghavendra's indication and finally reaches that place where Raghavendra is been kept. In bijoliya all queens with Hansa bai hides themselves in Khush mahal away from surtan. On the other hand bairam khan and all the army people are sacking the barood in a safe place. Hansa Bai is in labor pain and all queens gather her.

 On the other hand Dhumeru and his men are fighting left and right with Udai Singh's army. Bairam Khan is about to kill Pratap's friends when suddenly Pratap takes entry and converts everyone's mind. Hansa bai gives birth to a baby boy.

Udai singh and Rao Mamrakh are speeding towards Bijoliya from other side. Rao Surtan has entered the fort and getting dressed to meet the queen. In order to get rid of Surtan, JB asks Dheerbai to go to him. .everyone is shocked to see this coming from JB. On the other hand Bairam khan loses the war against Pratap. Dai kokoi gets shocked to see that instead of Dheerbai, Jaivantabai is getting dressed to go to Rao Surtan. Dai kokoi insists that she will go and apologizes in front of Jaivantabai (Rajshri Thakur Vaidya) for all her deeds.


Rajshree Thakur Vaidya Faisal I Khan Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap  Sony TV 

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Vinder90 7 years ago sounds good, now please speed this UP!!! i want to see Surtan being massacred!!
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br200910 7 years ago Awesome Yesterday epi super Ranni jaybantta ,, Pratap,, udai singh kokoiya waiting for Monday want UD kill surtan... n all just super.
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Krilovad 7 years ago Yesterday Epi super waiting for monday wish Udai singh kill surtan singh ...rocking Faijal n all...
Reply thumbs-up 1 thumbs-down
..Pankhudi.. 7 years ago Wish to see some real fight between Udai singh and Surtan singh ,as i don't think the rani's will be given screen space now :(
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CHAVI5050 7 years ago Awesome Epi waiting for Monday love u all...
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rishabgosavi 7 years ago Awesome episode yesterday and waiting for todays episode and pratap was too good
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bitblue 7 years ago MP rocks. All queens wow ...Pratap love you
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Intrepida 7 years ago they are doing great!!! Pratap against Bairam was amazing!! Jai Ho Maharana Pratap ki!! And I would have loved a sword fight between Surtan and the Queens!!
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lipshaa 7 years ago wow... waiting for more... love tonight's epi...
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..Pankhudi.. 7 years ago Totally loved tonight's episode ..bairam khan has totally lost it ...!
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