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Badshah opens up on the untold story of the rift and fallout with Honey Singh

Badshah recently opened up on the rift with Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Published: Tuesday,Jul 18, 2023 06:28 AM GMT-06:00
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Badshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh

Renowned rapper and music sensation, Badshah, recently opened up about the formation and subsequent fallout of the iconic duo, 'Mafia Mundeer,' during a captivating podcast interview with Raj Shamani. Delving into their journey, Badshah shed light on the dynamics of the group and the challenges they faced, particularly focusing on his former collaborator and fellow rapper, Honey Singh. With candor and honesty, Badshah addressed the alleged mistreatment and struggles he experienced during their time together, unveiling a side of their partnership that has remained relatively unknown.

The rift between Badshah and Honey Singh became apparent in 2009, leading to the ultimate dissolution of their collaboration. Badshah revealed that he felt a sense of fear and attempted to reach out to Honey Singh, only to be met with avoidance and silence. 

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To his dismay, the songs they had worked on during that period never saw the light of day, as Honey Singh shifted his focus towards building his solo career. This phase presented numerous challenges for Badshah, with his parents growing increasingly concerned about his future. Disappointed by the turn of events, Badshah expressed his poignant disappointment, emphasizing that despite being referred to as brothers, Honey Singh failed to acknowledge and appreciate the struggles they had faced together.

In his heartfelt revelation, Badshah expressed his frustration at Honey Singh's alleged self-centeredness and lack of recognition for their collective struggles. He disclosed that he and his fellow artists had signed blank contracts, only to be left in a state of uncertainty and abandonment. Badshah implored Honey Singh to reflect upon and acknowledge the sacrifices they had made together in pursuit of their respective careers.

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