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Badhshah Bhai on 9XM...

Starting 6th July 2009, there will be a new addition to the 9XM family, with Badshah Bhai making his grand entry..

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Bheegi Billi, Bade Chote, Betel Nuts and the other 9XM dudes are all set to welcome --  Badshah Bhai -- the new addition to the 9XM family. Starting 6th July 2009, Badshah Bhai will make his grand entry on 9XM.  

Badshah Bhai is a huge fan of the ultimate Baadshah of India – Shahrukh Khan. He believes he too is a huge superstar like his idol – King Khan and thinks that Bheegi Billi is the biggest loser. Badshah Bhai loves the singing style of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and tries to sing the popular Bollywood songs in his own peculiar style. The Betel Nuts in their free time are Badshah Bhai's backing band. 

Vikas Varma, Head Music Entertainment Channels, 9XM, says, "Badshah Bhai has been persistently knocking at my door, everyday, since the launch of 9XM. He wants to be a part of the "team". I have been ignoring him for over a year now, but recently he got hold of a few of my school time secrets and has blackmailed me into giving him a role in 9XM. How could I say no to Badshah Bhai after that?" "On a more serious note", adds Vikas, "I am confident, that Badshah Bhai will receive an equally encouraging response from all the viewers of 9XM."  

Betel Nuts have expressed their delight on Badshah Bhai's entry. According to them, "We are extremely delighted that Badshah Bhai has joined the 9XM gang and are hoping that he will also recite our sher-o-shayari in his own style."

So, stay tuned to 9XM to catch the glimpse of the new superhero – Badshah Bhai. 9XM – Haq Se! 



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deepa1991 10 years ago I miss 9XM in United Kingdom. Especially Bakwaas band kar and Badshah bhai!!!
larki_punjaban 10 years ago i love them all they are the one only cartoon characters which really entertain well
ArjaAddict 11 years ago omg.....i hate badhshah bhai...he's soooooooooo iritating!!!

but i love bheegi billi.....badey chottey n the betel nuts meaning pan supaari!!!

i het badhshah bhai..
Mariha_LoveIF 11 years ago This content is hidden.
PrincessBushi 11 years ago i seriously don't like Badshah Bhai..he don't know anything abt music..i love Bakwaas Bvnd Kar...:)
tomnjerry2 11 years ago I just Love bakwas bandkar...... bete Nuts..... meaning pan supari......ehhhhehehehehe

N Bheegi Billi ofcorzzzz.........

Hop it works well !!!!!
Jenifer. 11 years ago Love chote and the jokes he cracks. Looking forward to seeing what Badshah Bhai has to offer.
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