Babuji to go behind bars in Chidiya Ghar!

Kapi to realize his mistake in Chidiya Ghar.

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Garima Productions' popular show Chidiya Ghar on SAB TV has always entertained the audience by its very different concept. This is one show which conveys a message with its entertaining episodes.

In last episodes the audience have witnessed that Kapi losses his job and to earn money he uses illegal methods. His friends manipulate him and he uses a shortcut and illegal method to earn money.

Our source says, "In the upcoming episode Kapi will be trapped for his wrong doings.  The cops will come to arrest him but Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) will take the blame on himself and thus he will be arrested. When he comes in the jail to meet Babuji he feels guilty and apologizes for his act. He says he will never use shortcut method to earn money."

Well this episode will be worth watching for the audience.

To know more keep reading the above space.


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Miss.Colorfull 9 years ago i wonder if the guy still wants to marry her after making him a loser in her interview and giving every single detail of their relationship. she has attitude in herself when she is not that big in india except punjab.i guess eh is using her 15 min fame in this interview but it's hurting her instead of helping her.
anjaanichudi 9 years ago Daksh needs a psychiatrist.2011-11-14 09:45:07
without-fathom 9 years ago whoa. I didn't know there were 'celebs' in the world who could get 'that' candid. To the extent where candor starts backfiring - when it wasn't even so direly called for to begin with!
Anyway - good luck to them!
soni2004 9 years ago Mannat Singh made him sound like a wuss!
Feel bad for Dakssh after reading this :(
Way to much personal information give that doesn't match the masculine image he has when you see him...anyways..hope they a re happy!
iram4eva 9 years ago she jus made daksh out to be weak! no matter what one should never give out such personal information which happened between two lovers

..KaJenDelena.. 9 years ago Wow! Their love story seems like some fan fiction, didn't know such stories or people existed in real life. Cute and Creepy at the same time. umm a bit dramatic but hey... they are actors. lol.

BheegiBasanti 9 years ago Oh no Dakssh! This changes my perception of him as a person if he was capable of hurting himself...but...we all do stupid things when we are not in a good state of mind and I hope he has learned from the error of judgement he displayed. That said...Dakssh is doing great as Gaurav! :)
ddhaliwal 9 years ago I have seen her Punjabi movie and she is a very good actress and Dakssh and her have a very good chemistry and they look very good together.Wish her success in life.
harpkaur 9 years ago @mahi..

as far as i know i think she wz alwayz in a relationship with daksh..i even heard they were married but 2dai i found that shez in a relationship...

btw which co-star she wz in relationship with??
_mahi_ 9 years ago dude.. she was in a relationship with her co-start in punjab.. n people said they were married n now she is in a live-in relationship with dakshh.. crap crap.. dakshh sorry but u deserve better..
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