Ayushi Khurrana shares about a personal connection with the plot of her show Aangan Aapno Ka

Ayushi Khurana, who will be seen essaying the character of Pallavi in SAB TV's upcoming show 'Aangan Aapno Ka' speaks about her character, the story of the show and the response to the promos in an exclusive conversation with India Forums.

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Ayushi Khurana

Ayushi Khurrana, known for her role opposite Shoaib Ibrahim in Star Bharat's 'Ajooni,' is set to make a comeback with SAB TV's upcoming show 'Aangan Aapno Ka.' The narrative of Aangan revolves around the endearing story of a daughter committed to fulfilling her duties towards her father indefinitely. Positioned as a contemporary family drama, the show promises to be a heartwarming journey, presenting a daughter's unique perspective on marriage.

In an exclusive conversation, Ayushi shared insights into the storyline, her character, and the response to the promos, expressing excitement for the audience's reaction.

Congratulations on your show. The promos promise a very new-age and interesting story. What kind of response have you been getting, especially from women?

I've been receiving a very positive response. Many friends have approached me, expressing their interest in the intriguing promos. One friend, raised by her father alone, messaged me, mentioning that the story resonates with her and she's eager to watch the show. Similar messages have come my way, and I'm excited to see how the audience reacts.


What attracted you to the show that made you decide to take it up?

Pallavi's perspective on not getting married to avoid leaving her father alone has a significant reason. Witnessing her sisters' priorities shift after marriage, she decides not to follow the same path. She questions why it's always the woman who has to leave her home to become someone's wife. I loved this concept, and that's why I decided to take up the show.

How much do you personally believe or relate to the concept of the show?

I can relate to the show because, in real life, I have an elder sister, and I don't have a brother. When I heard about this character, I could connect quickly. Sometimes, you know things but don't realize them until someone points them out. This story made me think, and I realized it's true. Even when I have to get married, I will think about who will take care of my parents. So, this is the point where I could connect with the story, especially after experiencing similar feelings when my sister got married.


Give us a little insight into your character

Pallavi is adjusting but uncompromising. She works as a chef in a five-star hotel in Delhi. Her world revolves around her father and her sisters, and she can go to any extent for them. Pallavi is dramatic and short-tempered, a complete package of emotions. She cares deeply for her father and gets emotional quickly. The core essence of the story lies in her perspective on why a girl has to leave her family, and why her priorities must shift.

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