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Ayesha, Neil and Aishwarya didn’t know how to react on my exit news: Adish Vaidya on quitting ‘Ghum Hai Kisike

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Adish opens up on taking the decision of quiting a well-established show, reactions of co-actors, love from fans and much more. Read on to know more.

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Adish Vaidya

Courtesy : Adish's Instagram

Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ is getting a lot of appreciation from the viewers. The current track of the show revolves around Sai meeting with a fatal accident resulting in her being critical. Virat is blamed for the same.

Amidst the hugh voltage onscreen drama, actor Adish Vidya who played the character of Mohit Chavan in the show decided to quit the show citing professionally dissatisfaction as the reason of his opting out of the show.

India Forums got in touch with Adish, speaking about the sole reason to quit the show, he said, “I was not happy with the screen space I was getting against what was promised to me and as a result I couldn't find any further growth in the character. I tried giving justice to the character and did my best for an entire year. But you always want to grow as an artist and when you don't feel that way, tough choices need to be taken”.

Talking about taking the decision, Adish added, “It was certainly not an easy decision to quit one of the popular shows of television. I had a discussion with one of my well-wisher and a senior actor from the industry and expressed my doubts. I also discussed it with my parents and both the parties told me that I should go with what my heart says and that’s how I came to the conclusion”.

When asked about his best-friends from the sets Yamini Malhotra and Sheetal Maulik’s reaction on the news, Adish said, “Yamini and Sheetal tried to explain me and they obviously wanted me to think over it but when I told them about my firm decision, like true friends, they supported me and stood by my decision".

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We asked Adish about Neil, Ayesha and Aishwarya’s reactions on the news, he said, “Neil, Ayesha and Aishwarya learned about the same only later and initially, they didn’t know how to react. We did not really have a proper discussion on it as I feel we’re all matured enough and like true well-wishers they supported me in the decision as every actor is entitled to decide for himself”.

When asked about future projects, he added, “I haven’t quit the show for another project. I’ve worked for all the mediums, be it TV, films or web. I’m looking forward to bag a lead role now”.

As reported exclusively by India Forums, actor Vihan Verma has been roped in to play Mohit Chavan in ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’.

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barbieflora 1 months ago You did brilliant as Mohit. More than what was given to you. You brought Mohit to life ❤
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Akshata29 2 months ago Bcz of favoritism
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sairat07 2 months ago This is what happens when favouritism for someone goes overboard! Anyways.. Wishing luck for his future projects...!!🤞
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-Yaz- 2 months ago I wish him all the best. I am going to miss him as Mohit so much, he played the character so well and his chemistry with Sai was beautiful onscreen and offscreen.
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pyar-ishk 2 months ago All the best Adish and in this life all you can do is follow your heart. Will miss you as Mohit
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linakusharberry 2 months ago gonna miss him as mohit chavan . wishing you good luck adish for ur future projects
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fatssrilanka 2 months ago We'll miss you, Adish. All the best for your future endeavours. Hope to see you soon in another show.
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nutmeg7 2 months ago Adish as mohit Chavan will be missed
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